I Have No Idea What The Fuck Normal Is Supposed To Mean Anymore

First off,, I am constantly being bombarded mentally by the assinine “WOKE” motherfuckers who on one hand can’t even figure out which bathroom they should use and on the other hand think that they are morally superior enough to tell me what I should be calling these same stupid motherfuckers instead of Mr., Miss, Mrs. or Hey Dumbass.

It’s an artificial mine field that I flat refuse to step foot in anymore.

Here’s my bottom line.

If you have a dick, you are a guy.

Stay the fuck out of the ladies room.

End of story.

If you can’t figure that out I’m thinking a couple of good ass beatings by some little girl’s Dad when you cross that line may just be enough to convince you to use the urinal in the Men’s Room like you should be.

Second, I am so damn busy trying to deal with the aftermath of two recent deaths in the family that I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

There are so many obligations and demands on my time that it seems all I do is run from one GOTTA DO to the next.

Today is no different, I have already made two runs and I have at least one more, before I can start to unload all the shit in the front of my truck that I already have no fucking clue as to where I am going to put it.

Then I have to go to work until 2 AM.

Somewhere between now and then I need to try and snatch a nap but the Wifely Unit is leaving to go back to her Dad’s to take care of him all week and the recycling and garbage need to be taken out in there somewhere.

I dunno.

So I am barely keeping up with any news because it’s just all the same recycled bullshit and the Blog is getting minimal attention too.

The list is long and there is only one of me.

That mean something has to give so I pretty much am trying to take care of the immediate brush fires and limp along in maintenance mode for all the rest.

It is what it is and I not trying to bitch about it as much as I am trying to explain what’s going on.

I am doing the best I can and that’s all there is to that.

There will be an end to the estate and affairs of my Step Mother, that is what has been working through the pipe for the last couple of weeks. My Wife’s side of things are being dealt with at a much slower pace but as soon as I am done with the first one I am going to have to start in on the second one and so far my involvement with that is going to start next weekend.

First I have to get through the work week and of course there is a big tear down project starting tomorrow.

Like I said, it is what it is and I will do what I can, as I can.

I will attempt to post something very early in the mornings after I get home from work, before I nod off in my recliner.

I appreciate the support and I am hoping that you will continue to find things here worthy enough of your time to keep you stopping by.


What passes for The Management around here.

27 thoughts on “I Have No Idea What The Fuck Normal Is Supposed To Mean Anymore

  1. Turn off the idiot box and ignore the computer for a week. Nothing will change much unless an occupant of the WH croaks and even then, nothing much will change. Go in peace and get some shut eye when not driving.


  2. You do what ya gotta do.

    I’m still trying to settle my late brother’s estate from his death last August. All it takes is one disaffected heir to throw a wrench in the works and keep things from closing out.


  3. If you lived within 50 miles or so I’d volunteer to make the dump run. On the other hand, remember how much you sometimes bitch about how SSDD it is around here? Sorry about your losses. Hang in there.


  4. Fuck, take care of you and yours, don’t worry about us swinging dicks, and assorted non- swinging thingies… I am looking at you Sandy. Family is the most important part of your life and you have the responsibility to take care of that. YOU ARE THE MAN! An occasional blurb saying you are alive and still taking care of shit is the most you can do for us and I am talking about the rest of us. I know you and yours will be in my prayers.


  5. Take care of yerself first. That nap before work may be priority one. The blog can wait, and we’ll just keep checking back on the regular when yer able to feed it.


  6. I thought You had a son living with or nearby. But I am well aware of what it takes to get through these days especially two so close. You will do it, as has been said take time off we understand.


  7. like the others have said, and my neighbor’s dad usta say when we were kids, “take a break, will ya man!!?”

    i feel ya on the woke, if i misgender or mis-pronoun you, i apologize, you’re new pronoun will be fuckface/fucked/fuckoff, out of respect for others more deserving

    as for swingin d’s in female restrooms, what will happen will happen, hopefully the perps will walk (the fed up women, that is)

    keep your chin up, keep on chuggin along, you’ll catch a break when it’s time


  8. Man, I feel for ya Phil. Been there and didn’t enjoy that. Just triage all that family stuff out and we’ll be waiting on the sidelines when you get back.


  9. Take care of what is important. We aren’t going anywhere.
    Get some rest while you are at it. Don’t need to get sick on top of all this.

    Be well, Phil.

    Whitehall, NY


  10. Phil- “Don’t ever leave me (us).” “Good. ‘Cause I’d (we’d) find you!” 😄

    Joking aside, do what you have to. We miscreants will still be here, waiting.


  11. “Good ass beatings”? Nah. These guys want to mascaraed as girls? Make into real girls right these in the ladies room with a rusty pocket knife.


  12. True Story from the dim and distant 70’s.
    Once upon a time in the Texas Hill Country High School I went to, a rather flamboyant guidance counselor wearing a bow tie was prancing around in a classroom of a senior English class in his little bow tie explaining that everyone needed to go to college. One of the cowboys in the class (and in this case when I say cowboy I mean a real ranch living cattle raising cowboy) said right out loud “Why don’t you get out of here you faggy bastard”? The guy ran from the room. The class cracked up laughing, and then the teacher lost it cracked up laughing. We’d all be put in prison in this day and age.


  13. Don’t worry about us we will always be here when you come back. Take care of yourself first then your family.

    Its mostly bread and circuses anyway, like the election audit news. Farcebook is a dopamine pump and dump system which the lame stream media has adopted get your hopes up and crush them. Well it works on the sheep but we ignore it.


  14. Don’t worry or be surprised if the estate stuff takes a lot longer than you think. It’s been my observation that it typically takes a full year to get all the stuff done. And it’s a miserable and thankless job.

    Do what you can, do your best to do what they’d have wanted to the best of your understanding, know that there will be drama and butthurt, but the others aren’t doing the work, so they don’t get to set the terms.

    Take care of yourself, and your family, the rest can wait.



  15. I feel 4 ya with your troubles Phil.Wishing you well. Seems to be you are going to the “Coming”. 4 what its worth – there are now and always have been only 2 genders – Boys have cranks – Girls have multiple personalities. … Stay well.


    • Hey, me and the voices in my head resemble that remark! 😀

      Phil, family first. Just try to get enough sleep so you don’t crash, okay? We can wait. Sending prayers for you and yours.


  16. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Been there, done that more than a few times but I can help you with one little suggestion, get rid of the recycle bin, it’s all garbage, stay strong.


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