And Now, With Even MORE Busy!

It’s like this.

Which way do I go?

Had Mom’s funeral yesterday, managed to get the top of my pointy little bald head sunburned by having to run around without a baseball cap on so I’m already having a good time.

Having the Celebration of Life today in a big park around the corner from her house and scads of people are supposed to show up.

It’s going to be catered, have one Porta Potty dropped off and then whoever wants to is going around the corner to her house and go through what didn’t get tossed out to see if there is anything they want to snag as a keep sake..

That’s when the booze is going to start flowing and more than likely when I am going to plan my escape.

I’m heading out now to go help set shit up at the park so I will be gone most of the day.

It will be nice to see a bunch of family and friends that I haven’t seen because of the Covid horse shit.

See ya’s when I get back.

3 thoughts on “And Now, With Even MORE Busy!

  1. Yeah, better to not be in the house when the booze is flowing and people start grabbing shit. No disrespect to your family, but that can be some bad juju, as you already know.


  2. Sorry about your loss and day, but guess you weren’t a fan of Don and Mike back in the day….should have painted your bald spot


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