What They Want For America

But aren’t telling you about.


It sounds so much more ECO FRIENDLY than WRECKING YARD, doesn’t it?

Of course that whole BIO HAZARD ZONE thing might be a little tougher sell.

No matter, they have decided that they know better than anyone what the peons need for transportation, just like power generation and scads of other things and that is what we are going to get.

Like it or not.

The Wifely Unit and I had a brief conversation about this very subject while we were on our way back from the funeral earlier and I made the statement that there wasn’t going to be any shortage of internal combustion transportation any time soon.

It’s a Mature Technology at this point and I personally have spent the last 50 years perfecting the art of keeping the damn things running.

There are literally millions of people who have and are doing the same thing.

You won’t be seeing anybody doing a weekend high performance battery upgrade in their driveway anytime soon for damn sure.

Another thing I pointed out is that this push for electric vehicles is just another back handed power grab and yet another method of controlling the movements of the general population.

Raise your hand if you have or know someone else who has ever driven clear across the country or at least through multiple states at one shot, stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks and by switching drivers.

You ain’t doing that in no battery powered Econo Box, ever.

25 thoughts on “What They Want For America

  1. They aren’t going to go after the ICE vehicles. They are destroying the oil production industry. When there is no fuel all those nasty gas/diesel vehicles are no longer M of any value or use. Their goal:

    You will own nothing and be happy.
    You will travel nowhere and be happy.
    You will STARVE and be happy.


  2. Hey Phil Worked in a GMC dealer in Scottsdale AZ around 2008. GMC Yukons with a 5.3 v8,duel electric motor transmission,300 volt battery.WTF. Giant modules to provide current switching, 300v AC compressor ,Hybrid emblems stuck on them everywhere. Again WTF. Absolute pointless vehicle. The Scottsdale rich used them to tow their boat to the lake. Look at us we’re so green. And as you know didn’t get paid jack to work on them under warranty.

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    • What an abortion. Nothing quite like jumping from a 12 VDC electrical system to High Voltage DC technology all at one with fuck all for training eh?
      I remember back in the early 90’s FORD came out with a ridiculously expensive optional heated windshield for the Taurus and the Continental.
      The windshield glass had actual flecks of Gold embedded in the glass and they Full Fielded the alternator and bypassed every fucking thing to send upwards of 240 V, A/C straight to the windshield to de ice the thing.
      Even back then that windshield was way the hell over $1500 and there were HIGH VOLTAGE warning stickers all over those sonsabitches under the hood.
      Nobody knew how to work on the damn things and I got stuck with one once.
      Multiple calls to the Technical Hotline speaking directly with the engineers to get it fixed.
      I told the service manager to never darken my stall with another one again.
      That was thirty years ago.
      The crap they have out there now I wouldn’t even know where to begin with.
      The straight up electrical systems I could probably deal with now, it’s the computer input and output systems that turn all that crap into a nightmare.
      I used to work on Contractors construction equipment. Scissor lifts, boom lifts and that kind of stuff.
      They had 48 V drive systems 35 years ago that would be a walk in the park to diag and repair compared to the bullshit they are putting out now and when they don’t want to pay shit, especially warranty repairs, they cry and wonder why the can’t find anybody to work on their shit.
      I am so very fucking glad I walked away from that shit when I did.


      • I have a 1993 7.3 IDI Ford diesel with a banks turbo on it. It weighs 2.5 tons. I can sit in, IN, the engine bay and work on it, not that it breaks down. Changed the alternator on it once. 20 minutes and done! My other ride is a Subaru wrx sti. I have to use a computer and a Cobb tuning package to work on fuel/air etc. My toy is a 1970 5 liter mustang. I turn a couple of screws to change the fuel/air on it. I won’t ever drive electric as I don’t want to ride the lightning trying to change a brake rotor!!!!


  3. An old professor explained it to me as such:

    Point sources of pollution (power plants) are easy to regulate and control. They’re major capital investments and tend to be stationary. They’re owned almost universally by governments or one of just a few huge corporations who dole out political donations, but otherwise don’t vote.

    Mobile sources of pollution (ICE cars) are significantly harder to regulate and control, they’re mobile by definition, and they’re owned and operated by voters and (sometimes) taxpayers. Hence the push for electrification.

    His point was meant strictly from the pollution side, but with the advent of smart grids and electric cars, we see now that the .gov can control where you go to within whatever distance your last charge will take you. Gasoline is pretty easy to stockpile, within reason, spare electricity, not so much.

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  4. The logistics alone will kill interest in electric cars. If they can fix the battery technology maybe. But I do not see it happening time. Hydrogen Fuel Cells might have some promise. but who wants that kind of possible head ache.

    Gas wins for some time.


    • Driving cross country only stopping for gas, food and bathroom breaks. My Uncle and Aunt did that in 50’s and early 60’s way before the interstate highways were constructed. It took them 4-5 days each way, if I recall correctly.


  5. Electric vehicles are going to be great fun for evacuating hurricane zones, wildfire zones, etc. Oh, sure, there will be lots of avoidable – but let’s face it, necessary – mundane deaths as a result, but really, there are far too many of us crowding up the elite’s planet now, aren’t there?


  6. Been wrenching my own cars since 1972, out of poverty and necessity initially and now just because I can and want the job done right.

    IC engines are not going away, especially when the blue states do away with all nuclear and fossil power plants. Ask them Californistanians how they like it when the same government that mandated electric cars, tells them they can’t charge them due to power grid overload and lack of generating capacity. Snerk!.


  7. ‘Electric cars’ named in many of the above comments.

    No such critter.

    They’re coal/oil/nuke/nat gas/ powered cars.

    Unless’n ya have the batts charged by solar panels…which would have to cover the entire state of Nevada…just to power LA.

    The Weather Cult can’t make ‘science’ it’s god…while denying it’s High Priest, math.

    And the math sez a 1 gig watt power station must be built every 2 weeks for the next few years to meet the battery requirements for the nation’s ‘fleet’ of green cars.

    Anyone see new power plants being built in their neck ‘o the woods?


  8. Mpls to Dallas, 14.34 hours, two fuel/piss breaks in a ’89 Honda DX, 35 mpg at 79 mph. Same car was in “in” Whitefish Bay and Gulf of Mexico. Have done east to west too but not in a day. SF to Montauck.


  9. Bought a prius in 2008 as a matter of economics. I could fuel my 2500hd 8.1 gas motor or make a car payment and have a new vehicle. Wife drove prius and pickup in driveway. Both good vehicles and sold last year.


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