An Act Of War

You could seriously fuck someone up doing this.

Since their license plate was so conveniently captured on film I would hope someone wound up in the pokey for that shit.

In other news, my Step Mothers funeral is this morning and now I have to finish putting on my monkey suit and trying to find a Youtube on how to tie a tie.

I hate them fuckers with all my heart and am pissed off that someone untied the damn thing before they stuffed it back in the storage bag.

I’m looking at you Wifely Unit.

I have one suit and a Sport Jacket.

The one I got married in.

It only comes out for weddings and funerals.

The way it should be.

17 thoughts on “An Act Of War

    • Check to see if your link is being throttled, also do a THOROUGH virusscan.Sounds like either your “pipe” is clogged, your provider is oversubscribed, or you have an active virus or bot running in the background!
      First, do a reboot to see if it’s a misbehaving application, though.

      Yer welcome.


  1. That is why I wear a bolo tie now, don’t have to knot one of those sumbitches… I use to have to wear a tie on clinical days when I was a scrub nurse for an Ortho/Neurology Surgeon. I came from honest Irish horse thieves and don’t like things that go tight around my neck.


  2. get a clip on… it’s what I used for my Class A’s in the Army back in the days of the shitty green ‘cheapo salesman’ suit days… Sorry for your loss bro if’n I didn’t mention it earlier. And BTW: Same exact thing as you. Once out of the Army, I got -1- suit. Wifey insisted back when we were dating (new wifey, not exbitcho) she picked it, and paid for it when we were dating, a hint she might be worth keeping. It’s For interviews, man-funerals (weddings) and actual carcass plantation.


  3. get a good silk turtle neck, i have one or two (i think ) black and dark grey. looks better than a stupid tie and not a pain in the ass to wear either. they last a long time too. i had mine now over
    20 some years. it only comes out with the suit. same as you. planting and wedding.
    don’t do interviews anymore. thank god !

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  4. enlarge the image and see who is sharing their fireworks. if the cops don’t do anything, which i
    expect they won’t. sue the fucking driver/owner of the car. try to bankrupt them as they would you
    if things where reversed . the fuckers need to be held to account for the shit they do. if not. it will
    only get worse from here on out.


  5. Sure would be nice of you had a friend in the Patrol, he/she could do a license back-check.
    Then pay the little turds a visit.


  6. I am reminded of my sons last High School Orchestra concert before graduation. He was in the top level orchestra and their “uniform” was a full black tux and tie. Him and his friends had to get there early and when I pulled up in the parking lot I saw 3 or 4 of them walking across campus all of them looking like James Bond. They were a little upset about moving on to college and having their last concert so I told them “I understand your feelings but you don’t belong here any more. You look like grown men walking among a bunch of kids and it’s time to move on”. They have all gone on to be very successful. I guess the times I gathered them up at the house and taught them all how to tie a tie and how cuff links work brought this to mind. I didn’t have anyone to show me and figured it out on my own.

    Condolences to your family and don’t worry about the tie too much.


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