There’s No Point In Rushing Into These Things, Right?

As the old saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play.

While I was busting my ass moving that old cast iron stove into the garage the other day I had to move a bunch of crap to make room for it.

I ran across a couple of items that I have literally had for at least a dozen years now that I have been packing around and hiding from myself that were still brand new, in the box.

A NESCO food dehydrator and a couple of extra trays.

A quick internet search tells me you can still get the identical model for around fifty bucks.

I know I paid at least that much for it 12 years ago.

Well there are scads and scads of Youtube videos on using these things and like I said, The Wifely Unit ain’t here to tell me NO right at the moment so after watching several instructionals, off to Wally World I go.

I made the mistake of going up there with my belly rumbling but I am quite proud of myself because I took a list of shit with me and only came home with 2 extra things that weren’t on it.

A package of Johnsonville Spicy Brats and 2 bags of the cat litter she buys.

The first because I freaking LOVE those brats and the second because we had to go to 2 different stores the other day because they were out of that cat litter, plus I could actually reach it.

I also purchased . ahem. multiple of some of the smaller items because it pisses me off to see her buy one freaking package of shit like Taco Seasoning at $0.28 fucking cents when you can get 8 of the damn things and stick them in the drawer.

I’m funny like that.

Anyway, back to the purpose of the post here.

While I was up there I bought 4 little packages of Raspberries.

Fresh, not frozen.

I also looked for the little screens that go inside the trays for this dehydrator but no luck. Internet here I come. Those stupid little things aren’t cheap, either.

I’ll get some though, eventually.

Since I got that stupid dishwasher going again I opened everything up and stuck the trays in there and gave them a bath, just for good measure.

Then I washed and dried the berries and started in.

One package per tray so 4 trays all stacked up and ready to go.

Once I got it all set up I set the lid down and plugged it in for 125 degrees.

The instructions say 135 but all the Youtubes said the lower temp helps with the nutritional value not being lost, it just takes longer.

Like there is a ton of nutrition in a few Raspberries but whatever.

So hopefully they will be done before The Wifely Unit gets home.

If not, it is what it is.

The way I see it, those stupid Raspberries were just shy of $4 a package right now. I can see $6 six months from now the way things are going.

They should be easy enough to practice with and if they turn out OK the I have plans to start working my way up to bigger and better things.

One of the items on my list when I hit Wally World was one of these to help me out here.

A whopping $29.00. Cheap in the bigger scheme of things I’d say.

Since I still have that vacuum sealing set up I made out of a vacuum pump, some copper line, a ball valve and an old pressure canner, I should be able to vacuum seal these dehydrated goods into canning jars when I get enough for a run and really have some food storage capabilities.

Something else The Wifely Unit has absolutely zero interest in.

She has never been truly hungry in her life, it’s pretty obvious.

If it ever happens to you, God Forbid, it is something you never, ever, forget.

I have been there and I can pretty sincerely recommend against experiencing it if at all possible.

That’s why I consider it part of my responsibility as a husband and father to see to it that it never happens to them.

Whether they like it or not.

22 thoughts on “There’s No Point In Rushing Into These Things, Right?

  1. What I got out of that, besides you are becoming domesticated. You are going to cram it down their gullet even if it kills them and yes, they won’t be hungry when they go… good boy!

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  2. You’re a good man Phil. Truly wish I could ship you some of my bumper crop of blueberries and black raspberries for your dehydrator. And I know the hunger games well. My motto has always been, ‘embrace the hunger, it keeps you thin’.


  3. In general, anything we like doesn’t just become out of stock, it becomes discontinued.
    Stocking up was a habit long before WuFlu; we were apparently some of the few with no TP worries!


  4. Good for you. I’ve been canning for almost 40 years now. Finally got rid of all our quart jars (but kept the pints) cause quarts are just too much for SWMBO and I alone. Also saving up for a freeze dryer (check out Thrive Foods sometime) and only need $2k more for the fancy one. We could last a long time on what we have in our pantry now. Without having to change our diet much.


  5. Also, if you really want to freak her out: Once a year we buy a 25 lb chuck and make our own burger. Several times a year we buy pork loin and make our own thick cut boneless chops.
    I’ll be quiet now.


  6. Get some stainless steel window screen for your dehydrator if you need a small screen screen.

    As to being hungry… Ain’t ever been more than 2 days hungry, but I’ve eaten beans and cornbread, then chili with beans and cornbread, then to finish it all off, chili dogs on, yes, cornbread, with one other meal of something else, like sausage gravy and biscuits and eggs, for over a year and a half, because beans are damned cheap, cheap ground beef is almost cheap, and you can find good deals on hot-dogs about once a month.

    Yeah… couldn’t look at beans for years after that bullshit. Now? Two days of beans and the the rest of the beans go right into the freezer in meal-sized portions.

    I see people make a big meal and throw the leftovers away. What the Fruck? Leftovers are the best part of most meals.


  7. times of food and no money are better than money and no food. money is great, but you can’t eat
    it. check out the ball canning book, it where i learned how to dry food. remember this. after 3 days of no food. people start to die off. food is better than money many times.
    a long time ago, I watch a gang of “males” beat a kid half to death for the c-rats we gave him.
    we where told to stand down and do nothing, but i never forgot it. there was a very good reason why our grandparents kept root cellars and lots of food on hand.


  8. I’ve been hungry. Taught myself to forage, hunt, and fish.

    Jam is easy to do, sugar is cheap (now), and it keeps well. When the hungry times come, something sweet will be nice as a treat. If you can find someplace with marked down produce, you can always freeze now, then can later when you have enough to make up a batch (it actually helps making jam and jelly from frozen fruit, as the freezing lyses the cells and lets the juice out).


  9. If you happen across a deal on another 7×10 put it in the dehydrator. It will pull all the oil out and shrink down to the size of a stapler. Wrap it in no-rust vapor paper, vacuum seal it, then put in the trunk of your car just in case. You can do the same with a socket set, string it on a fishing leader and wear it on your wrist like a charm bracelet.

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  10. Aluminum, stainless or even fiberglass screen will work in the dehydrators. But the cheapest shit that still works perfectly: Home Despot sells a roll of ‘pet proof’ screen that is all plastic, and is a bit heavier than the fiberglass. If you’re concerned about cleaning, soak it in bleach water, rinse it out and dry. You can also use the screen to make trays for a solar powered dehydrator. Especially if you have a warm and dry(ier) climate.
    I have a larger and much older Harvestmaid one ($1 at auction for a ‘broken’ microwave’) that I’ve used all 4 types of screen, including the original plastic ones. They all work.


  11. I dehydrate almost anything I can get my hands on. I have an Excalibur 9 tray.
    Fish (some) don’t dehydrate well because of the oil and fat content, pork and beef are much better. With the right marinade vacuumed into the strips of meat, you can’t get better jerky.
    Many fruits will come out tiny and looking like little dried boogers, but the flavor is still there when re-hydrated in cereals or cakes and such. Dried banana and apple chips go good in with peanuts and M&Ms for a good trail mix.


  12. The other folks said most of what i would’ve said
    except Jerkey Gun.
    Catch 90/10 or 93/7 ground beef in the sale section and freeze it till you
    get enough for a full batch.


  13. I have the same model and a jerky gun. Makes really good jerky strips from hamburger or ground venison that is easy to chew. I use Bolners fiesta jerky cure from Amazon about 21$ for about a pint and a half. Jerky gun from Amazon as well.


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