34 thoughts on “Screw That

  1. Someone pointed out nobody has ever found one single cave painting showing a salad or grains. The only food they show is people hunting animals and the bigger the better.

    We can live on veggies if we have to, but we’re meat eaters.

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    • Maybe the archaeologists can look closer to find the fossilized remains of a wooden table, red-checked tablecloth, and beeswax candle in a raku pottery holder. The cave was a restaurant; the paintings of animals was the menu!


  2. I don’t give a shit about what’s on the table, those girls look downright retarded with their picture taking obsession. And why the hell are the guys are just standing around, watching and waiting for them to finish?? If I was dating a girl that young and cute I might forgive her social media addiction, but she’d have to call me over from the couch when she’s finally ready to eat.

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    • Their social media fetish and picture and selfie addiction wouldn’t keep me interested for 30.secomnds.If you’re that self centered and self important leave me out of it. I’m happier without any of it.

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  3. More prove of my Banality Theorem which states that the total bandwidth of social media far exceeds the total interestingness of humanity. In what world does anyone give a fuck about a picture of someone’s lunch? I’ve thought about getting a Facebook account and just posting things like “I brushed my teeth” just to see of anyone even gets it. I read that humanity now takes more photographs in a day than we did in the entire 20th century.

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  4. I’m laughing because I taught myself food photography while I was doing a long running (years!) series of recipes on my blog. My poor husband used to mutter about having to wait until I’d done the photoshoot before he could eat. Of course, I wasn’t using my cell phone to take photos.


  5. This is what they would have recorded if I was there.

    “Excuse me, ladies, as I cut into this, that, that other thing, lick my fingers and touch about half of it, and, oops, gotta fart.”

    No patience for bullshit.

    Of course, in reality, I’d still be at the protein table if there was any left. Desserts are fine but never ever turn down free proteins (if they taste good.)

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