It’s Either Amazing Fluid Dynamics Or Matter Transportation From The Fifth Dimension

Those are the only two possibilities that I can come up with to explain how those two items on the left managed to get around TWO screens and work their way into the bowels of the dishwasher and into the impellers of two different water pumps.

We had a glass frying pan lid shatter into a thousand pieces here about a year ago or so and plugged one of the water pumps up solid. I had to take the thing apart and use my shop vac to get it all out. Apparently there was one shard hiding out somewhere that managed to work it’s way back down in there.

That little plastic nipple thing however, is a complete fucking mystery to me.

I have no idea where it came from or what it went to and I also have no idea how it managed to get past the screen because it is literally bigger than the openings in it.

It did though and it stopped the impeller solid.

The damn dishwasher wouldn’t drain so I had to go down to Horror Fright and get a little cheapie $7 hand pump and suck all the water out and pump it into the sink, tear the damn dishwasher out of the cabinet again and flip it over to get at the water pumps.

Imagine my surprise when I find that shit down in there.

I did learn something new however.

Because I am just barely domesticated and not familiar with the inner workings of such an infernal machine, I thought it was still messed up when I put it back together and gave it a test run.

An hour and forty five minutes later, the thing acted like it was stuck in the Wash Mode so back to the internet I went trying to figure out why.

Come to find out even on the Light Load setting the fucking thing takes TWO FULL HOURS to run one cycle.What kind of bullshit that is is beyond my reckoning abilities but I turned it on this morning and just let it go, had to run an errand and when I got back it said it was done finally.

So I screwed it back into the cabinet, mounted the kick panel underneath,filled it back up with the pretty much clean dishes that were in it that I had taken out and now I am running another test cycle

Fucking thing anyway.

Like I don’t have enough shit to do as it is.

28 thoughts on “It’s Either Amazing Fluid Dynamics Or Matter Transportation From The Fifth Dimension

  1. I don’t get it. You rent that place. Why not let the owner take care of shit. You pay him every month to live in that place. He should be handling any maintenance problems. Just like the damn fence post stuff. I just don’t get it. If I have to fix any one’s shit, pay me.


    • Because I value my privacy.
      I don’t want a bunch of strangers wandering around in here. If I call them to fix shit it’s on their schedule and if I can’t be here then they come in here when no one else is around, free to snoop away if they so please.
      Fuck. That..

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        • Chas, I did that an apartment I lived in and about six months after I changed the locks the manager comes to my apartment on a Saturday and demanded why I had changed the locks? He said if there is an emergency he can’t get into my unit. I told him if you found out my locks were changed you tried to get into my unit without my permission when I wasn’t there. (used the exact same lock-set and deadbolt) He threatened to have a locksmith change it and I told him he did that I would not call the police and they wouldn’t find the body. I explained with unkempt menace that if he needed to get into it to make an appointment and I would be there. Not much he can say, I paid my $1000 buck deposit up front and paid my rent every month and was a quiet and trouble free renter and like Phil, the simple things I did myself, didn’t want any swinging dick in my place.

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      • I forget you are back to work. I have not rented for about 40 years. Being old and crippled, I am home anyway. I use to fix shit around the house and shop but now I just zone out and can’t figure out jack. I remember when my old man use to stare at a page on the paper for a hour and never know what was on it. Now that is me. Now I just watch the few that come here. Living in a small place makes it easier. I know who is who.


          • You have to READ the manual, and turn off the fancy stuff like “preheat the dishes”, and “Use heat to dry dishes”, and “Sanitize Dishes”, and then you have to figure out what cycle to use and other BS.

            It still takes the damn thing two hours, and yep, you really should prerinse the dishes before you put them in..WTF….it’s a freaking DISHWASHER, not a science experiment for NASA. The old one we had in Long Beach had no problem with tw-day old eggs dried on the plates, and did them fine in 90 minutes…..

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  2. I replaced the crap in our trailer (modular home) when it died, 1996 too, Our Bosch dishwasher takes 2 hours. Ridiculous. I could do all that by hand in 15 minutes. And while I’m waiting for breakfast to cook, I wash dishes, because standing there doing nothing is stupid, while yer waiting for the bacon to fry . . .eh?

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  3. Those little plastic end caps are in the dishwasher itself. Look real close at the back side where the pull out trays/racks hit the back of the dishwasher. Mine has them as bumpers so the plastic coated steel racks don’t hit the back wall of the washer. In theory they are glued to the plastic coating on the racks, in practice, lazy assembler person and they get loose after a lot of washes and abuse.. Heck I thought you were going to tell us you found the 10MM in there too.

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  4. Our little countertop dishwasher began sticking on one phase of its cycle and NEVER moving on. It being 5 years old, and, not very expensive, I went looking for a new one. The five possible places in our regular shopping town no longer sells them. So, a failed machine being worthless, no harm can be done by tearing it down in hopes of fixing it. I first considered what might be the cause and thought a float switch might be stuck and just maybe a solvent might help. Wife had a bottle CLR which is, I think, HCL. I read the fine print and found, right at the very end of a long and very small print paragraph that it can clean DISHWASHERS! One cup added into the door, start it up and, with a bucket in the sink to catch the exhaust, I ran it through the opening cycle twice adding the waste water back the first time and letting the machine finish using the faucet water with no more CLR. It found remains of soap from years of use which foamed up and took maybe 8 or so complete flushes to remove. I think the float switch guess was on target because after the first partial cycle with CLR the machine began acting normally all except for the mountains of foam Once cleaned, it has been performing as new this whole week. If you should try this, remember to never add water to acid as it can heat and spatter. Also, a saturated solution of baking soda in water is a good cleanup material for an acid spill. Have it ready before you need it in case you get some in your eyes.

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