16 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know They Had Harbor Freight Stores In Russia

  1. Ha! I have had abrasive disks that did that in fairly short order. Switched to buying brand name for more $$ but they last and cut,


  2. yup, that why you don’t waste your money on that crap. check out the on line dealers for good deals. home defect and blowes cost too much. better to buy in bulk at half or better price
    macster& carr and a few others, msc has sales on them and other stuff.
    there is a lot of better stuff than horror fright


  3. I’m almost thinking that the clown they sent to the store for cut off discs came back with a bag full of 180 grit sanding discs notepad.


  4. China and Russia share a long border. They probably have their own Cold War going to see which one can sell the other cheaper junk. I think the Chinks are winning.


  5. Everything in Russia is Harbor Freight.
    From hand tools to nuclear missiles.
    Pretty sure they invented the concept, then gave it to China.
    For pretty much the same reason the Irish gave bagpipes to the Scots.


    • Much like the early astronaut (forgot which one) looked around just before launch and realized “every last part on this bitch is provided by the lowest bidder.”


  6. I use the hell out of my Horror freight 4.5″ cutoff thingies.

    I have 3 set up at all times, one cutoff wheel, one flapdisk and one wire wheel.

    For $10 each I also keep a couple on the shelf because they only last about 3 years each.

    Just like disposable chip brushes used for painting.

    use and discard for a fraction of the cost of “long term” tools. those fail also.


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