Grandpa Creepy Going To Send The Minions Around Door To Door Trying To Sell THE JAB Eh?

You asked for it.

If I were you stupid cocksuckers I would be grateful if that’s the worst thing that happens.

18 thoughts on “Grandpa Creepy Going To Send The Minions Around Door To Door Trying To Sell THE JAB Eh?

  1. There Desperation is, Glorious.
    This BS, the TV,Radio,MSM, “Big Tech”(blah hahaha)………..
    They Are So Desperate, like whining emotionaly handicapped children.
    Oh wait…..

    I Savor what savor I can.


  2. Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts they now have a Million Dollar lottery if you take the experimental medicine. I wouldn’t take the jab if they paid me a million dollars. I want to live long enough to dance with my granddaughter at her wedding (she’s 9).

    Took the last vaccine of my life earlier this year (pneumonia). Will never take another after what has been exposed about this China virus bullshit.

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  3. On the other hand, I saw a story of a woman being arrested for displaying her tits in her own house while some kid peeped through the window. Charged with some sexual conduct thing. wtf..


  4. Get the fu@k off my property! is what they’ll get from me. If they don’t leave forthwith, they’re liable to be looking at the business end of Mr. Mossberg 590.


  5. You can bet your sweet are the second question out of their pie holes , right after “have you taken the vaccine” will be how many guns do you own? It’s a ruse to get into your house and on your property and they will find some “infraction”of law with which to charge you but to avoid jail time you must submit to whatever we say. Why hello there mr/ms gubmint agent, come hither, I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of fertilizer…..


  6. That’s two brilliants in one day. Mike at 90 miles had a funny meme about driving by the vaccine stations and play sheep sounds on a PA.


    • Any of them religion of any kiond people show up at my place, I’m going to ask them about the details of their sex life. When they say Well that’s personal, I’ll ask them how personal they think someone’s religion or lack thereof is and close the door.


  7. Most years the wasps build a nest in the corner of the window by the front door. A few taps on the window sends them flying all over the front porch and that’s when the fun starts. Amazing how fast people at the door can run! You want a jab? Here it comes! Vaccination discussions are for you and your Doctor and that’s it.


  8. C’mon Phil, you’re just playing with Nurse Sandy and the California girls. They’ll be demanding The Full Monty, and a whole bunch of your male readers will need new phones if you do that!


    • Nah, we all know that’s what you want Johno.
      Your days selling produce on that jolly island you’re so fond of left you groomed nicely.


  9. I used to deliver the washington post in the neighborhoods beginning at 4am.
    The process began with the count then cut wire, fold,bag,deliver/slingt drop in gutter/whatever. BUT…if you forgot yer wirecutters, well crap! Had to skinny the uncut wires off the bales. Formed an oval that tipped back & forth like a rocking chair. Maybe we (every paperboy had this happen from time to time) should have policed up our uncut wires but it didn’t always happen. Step in one of them fuckers slinging it (unknown) back & forth till the other foot found its way in there & WHAM! Right on your face. Pray a rebar stake wiring a sappling up strait wasn’t in your path. Good times! Place m80 on ground-light-run away. Yeah right. Survivors all!


  10. Deathray, would those deliveries be to that Turtle Cove Beach Resort, whose website recorded a hit from your computer? Witnesses know of your visit and dalliance at the site, turns out that the marine wildlife that you viewed on live webcam weren’t two albino turtles mating, afterall. The two gayboy beachbums (oh, the sand!) left a message for you, it reads: “Cop-you-later, Deathray!”, which apparently is a code that you understand?


  11. Mr egorr, it is pure conjecture on my part, based on the reaction from said Deathray during a discussion thread at another blog (yer pal Unfuck’s). I’d suggested that Deathray apply for a job as a beach lifeguard, he’d be on a winner for sure, very popular with the gayboy holidayers during the kiss-of-life display. It seems that Deathray could be a fagophobe, except for the IP hits from North Bumfuck, Alaska, that the NSA keep picking up.


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