16 thoughts on “Is This The William Wallace Of Our Day?

  1. Is there a translation available? And all kidding aside, also spent some Independence day loading mags and cleaning. Had two tax stamps arrive on Fathers Day after 9 months seeking permission for safety devices, and need to go re-zero sooner rather than later.

    Not sure if I will be embrace the suck cause it will be epic.


  2. Go to a park on July 19 and protest something? Politicians laugh at that stuff cause in some amount of time, everyone goes home and nothing has changed. Protests are a complete waste of time and energy.

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  3. I don’t understand what he wants his people to do. Arm themselves and fight? Or just stand around with my head held high?


  4. This is exactly my point. There will be no voting our way out. Until the forge of Vulcan is unleashed on the PTB, nothing will change. Until that takes place, our society is done. Blow your horns and wave your flags all you want, then go home and watch the Super Bowl or some other mindless occupancy.

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  5. I could only take 10 minutes of that. Sorry, but his “plan” sounds like a buffalo jump. July 19th in the UK will be their version of January 6th in the US.


  6. Very heartfelt presentation to which I would answer his query regarding 19 July: I’ll be laying low like the invisible man, squirrelling in all the nuts I can and above all, avoiding crowds. But for him, I wish the spirits of his good will provide overwatch on the 19th. He’ll need it.


  7. Sounds like a Manchester area accent to me.
    Stirring stuff indeed.
    There’s one or two unlikely people coming out now encouraging resistance or in some cases taking the piss out of the whole covid farce with welcome humour, both equally as effective, and because they might look like Hipsters, or in the piss taking case a modern Jesus, though far from both, they are appealing to a younger audience who until now haven’t really got involved.


  8. He needs to lay off the ‘roids. Delusions and aggression along with shrinking testicles are the side effects of steroid abuse.


  9. He was extremely vague on what he wants everyone to do when they actually get into Parliament. All he would say was “unite and STAND”. That’s if they are allowed into the building at all. Hate to say it, but sounds like a trap in the making. Or the next false flag op.


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