I Tink I’m In Loaf!

I tink you will be too.

The object of my desire has disabled playbacks of her Youtube video so you will have to click on the link.

It’s worth it.

12 thoughts on “I Tink I’m In Loaf!

  1. Thank you for including the YouTube link.
    I prefer watching YouTube videos on YouTube so the creator gets paid.
    And I often let the commercials run, hoping this pays more.


    • She is. Note the ring on her right hand. She lives somewhere “over the pond”. maybe Russia and they wear wedding bands on the right hand where on our side you wear the ring on the left.


  2. She’s an impressive machinist and more. Plasma cutting, welding, and milling. Not just that, but the video is nicely done, too. Some of it is pretty artistic.


  3. I tells ya, she is one fantastic find. Cute, smart, talented (the way she drives a plasma cutter is a joy to behold!), and good with CAD.
    Just think of what she could do with a CNC mill and lathe!

    She’s outta your league, Phil… waaaaaay out. (*I* should talk!)


  4. Now THAT is an exceptional woman with skillsets nearing perfection. Excellent machinery too. Looking forward to more of that.


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