Just A Reminder

Because people these days seem to be living in denial and fantasy,

the following needs to be kept in the back of your mind at all times.

These are tangible things, stuff you can actually put your hands on.

These however, are a figment of someones imagination and require the illusion of legitimacy and the willingness to believe in the Tooth Fairy to have any value.

Make no mistake, there are actually people who are exchanging these imaginary things for tangible items every day.

We all do.

But when the lights go out, or the government issues so many as to make them basically worthless,

which of these things are you going to wish you had more of?

20 thoughts on “Just A Reminder

  1. I think people are begining to see there isn’t much difference between cryptocurrencies and that piece of paper that no longer has “Silver Certificate” or “Gold Certificate” included.

    It’s only perception that causes people to accept it as payment for goods and services., Perceptions can change quickly. Not that I’m making any predictions.

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  2. Points taken. Just keep in mind that when you are offered gold and/or silver for your tangible, if you are starving at that moment, the metal loses some of its luster.


  3. Semi-Intangibles SKILLS. Often Need tools and supplies like ever try to garden with out Tools or Seeds? CAN make do with fire hardened sticks and grocery store seed stock like eyed potatoes and such BUT…. Don’t BE that Guy.

    Personally if I can sweeten a trade for a good young hen or a garden shovel with a few silver dimes I am GOOD with that. Barter is fine but Good Barter makes folks more willing to barter again. Just saying.

    Been taking apart my stash of shipping pallets for lumber and kindling wood. Happy Wife makes for a Happy Life PLUS I can get more pallets… :-O!! Amazing what you can build from cheap 1X3 stock. BUT you need skills and tools. Also Fasteners by the pound.


  4. stuff is better than money. I had times of money and no food and others with food and no money
    the second one is better. buy and keep stuff that will help you in life. you can not eat a hundred
    dollar bill and feel full, but it will buy food that will. for now, that is. way they keep printing it, it will
    soon be next t worthless.


  5. Awesome, to the point and simple. I live my life like this. More people need to understand this simple concept – but, some never will. They count something on a piece of paper that they get in the mail every quarter.


  6. When those intangible welfare checks and/or EBT cards fail – and they WILL – we who have tangibles must be on guard. The grasshoppers will be hungry. CRAZY hungry.


  7. I keep a lifestraw personal water filter in my bug out bag. Also – I’ve been looking at this thing called a waterbob which is basically a water storage bag that fits in a tub and lets you store about 100 gallons of water. I’ll tell you something else; my older 4WD Toyota has a 4 ton built in winch and it is a really powerful tool. I’ve used it to clear trees off of roads. Get a winch or even a hand powered come-along because at some point in the future there are going to stranded cars in your way everywhere you go.


  8. Exchanging currency in trade is a method of communication. This is still true even if the currency item, such as sea shells or bitcoin, has no other use. If bitcoin is imaginary then so is your web page, which is also a communication method with no other use!

    I agree that if the technology level of the market changes (“when the lights go out”), some communication methods are no longer useful. That’s why you shouldn’t *store* your wealth in these methods; you should store it in items which will still be useful. For instance, silver and gold coins. Without copper for wires and silver for electrical contacts, there is no industrialization. Without gold for computer chip package wires and contacts, the industrialization tops out at a 1950’s technology level.


  9. All, of course.
    Plus the ability to skillfully use them.
    Not to mention knowing more of those that do and have a like mindset.
    Always be working.



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