12 thoughts on “Reminds Me Of The Idiots Going In And Out Kitty Corner From Me

  1. Heard once from a bug eyed weirdo on my ship:


    Yeah, reminds me of those goons. Only one car worth driving and it was the Panda. Bugeyes didnt even own a car. They would do shit like that. Glad I found elsewhere to go. Too much late 90s techno.


  2. I have no sympathy, only utter derision, ridicule and contempt for these idiots that modify their cars/trucks like that to make them unfit and unable to run on roads…


  3. We actually had fun (in an engineering sense) calculating the forces that you put on your axle/hub when you did stoopid **** like this to your car – a real eye opener…


  4. One of my friends dads was a serious engineer. He took a dim view of this sort of thing, which is basically ruining a team of engineers hard work.

    I’d get into arguments with these fools all the time after them claiming this polished intake, and this low restriction exhaust was going to get them all that more horsepower. Yeah. I’d ask with all this work they are doing, what kind of cam are they going to install, and what kind of heads. The answer was; huh?

    So what you get after a few thousand miles of flogging is the telltale WAPPTITY-POPPOP-BAPITTY-POP_CRAKLE of your valves giving up on downshifts. There’s a moron down the street that did this on an Infinity. Now, in addition to the gawdawful sound of him accelerating, when he lets off the gas it sounds like a Somali firefight.

    I have no issue with kitting a car for the track. But when you drive them on the street, you get what you get – busted bodywork, scraped tires, and we all have to deal with you.

    I used to live in the DC area. One morning, it was snowing like hell as I made my way to work. There was already 3-4″ on the ground. At the time, I had a 1990 Caprice cop car which was pretty much impervious to the stuff. So as I’m going down the highway, I see carnage everywhere, mostly idiots like this guy, stuck trying to get up a ramp, with everyone else stuck behind.

    There was a jam up as I was about to exit to the tollway. I worked my way to the front, and what’s causing it? A dumbass in a Miata, kitted out low profile, who can’t keep his shit moving and never should’ve been there.


    • Johno and a couple of others make fun of my “Gay Bar” on the front of my truck, it is a 2″ bar, vertical about 28″ long that is attached to a front receiver on said truck. it is for idiots with these low slung cars and factory low slung cars with thin, high profile tires driving in South Dakota winters and getting stuck at intersections, and drive ways, and snow deeper then 4″, they don’t go and I got friggen tired of being stuck behind them. I give them a nudge to getting ’em mobile and then go around them.


  5. Haven’t seen any high-centered or dam-jammed, but I’ve seen/heard a lot with busted dams and pavement-scraping.

    The ones that I see are the no-clearance idiots who SUDDENLY SWERVE because they’re coming up on a manhole cover. (I also see a lot who do that with stock suspension, which leads me to say “hey fucko, that’s what the suspension is *for*, to absorb the *FUCKING MINOR* bump!”) If your shit can’t handle the street, it shouldn’t be driven on the street…

    I need a Doof Truck and a microphone. And full nitrous/turbo. And a snowplow blade.

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  6. If that car ever found itself even close to the speed where those “ground effects” would begin working they would be ripped right off.


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