Speaking The Universal Language

No translation needed.

Love that little flick of the wrist for emphasis.

Good on ya Mommy, there’s one that won’t grow up to be a useless, whiny little bitch.

10 thoughts on “Speaking The Universal Language

  1. We’d have been out by the time the hand was reaching for the shoe, and we’d still catch a lick outside.

    And, yes, Dad stopped once and kicked us out and made us ‘walk home.’ We walked about a mile or so, and was waiting for us over the backside of a hill.

    I am glad there is some hope.

    And… Yoga pants. My mom would have worn them if they were around in the 60’s. So don’t see a problem there. Easy off and you know she put out once…


    • Belt around the house. On vacation Dad would pull over cut a switch from a tree. Lean back against the hood trimming branches. (probably laughing his ass off). Gently place it on the dash and drive on. Yes total silence.


      • My dad had 2 leather belts, an old one for wearing around the home and his good one he wore to work and church.
        I remember once mom was mad at me for something and made me sit at the dining room table thinking about what I did till dad got home, all the while staring at his home belt she laid out on the table in front of me.



        • My dad’s was a wide leather belt with metal studs that spelled out Great Falls. Never knew where that was growing up, just didn’t want to go there.


  2. Oh hey sweet. Mamacita smacked some dumbass kid upside his head. Oh wait? No? Eye cyrumba, muy sucky, sucky…run to the border son….you won. Leftist Westcoast faggots have your back


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