Second From The Left, All The Way In The Back

“Oh Great, Now I Gotta Pee”.

Naw, I see ’em getting out. Must be some skinny assed doors on them things.

9 thoughts on “Second From The Left, All The Way In The Back

  1. I can park like that. I used to back up a 48 foot tanker 1/2 mile down the side of the VA hospital in Tacoma at about 4am and then make a left and then an immediate right turn blind into where the O2 tanks were…


    • I most certainly don’t have those kind of skills but I used to back the 40 foot tankers out of the shop and parallel park them just like these guys out in the lot.
      It most certainly gives you a whole new respect for truck drivers like you and it also breeds contempt for the dumb cocksuckers I see all the fucking time at work who have to get out of their trucks and come sniveling for someone to move their car because they can’t figure out how to swing far enough out to clear them.
      You would have loved the shit show I witnessed about a month ago when it took TWO drivers to get one 53 footer backed into the loading ramp 45 minutes of fucking around.


      • I know, they are out there, they breed and they vote… Van are easier to back up, you have side to gauge where you in relation to objects. With tankers you only have the trailer fenders to gauge yourself and they are not that big. Airgas use to have truck rodeos for the employees on 4th of July and I always entered the back the trailer through the obstacle course contest and I always won.


  2. I couldn’t do that…I used to back A-10’s into the hardened shelters in Europe. 65 ft wingspan, 68 ft wide walls, nose gear is offset 2 ft to the right of the centerline, at night, in blackout conditions, in a gas mask, but I know I couldn’t do that. I struggle with my boat trailer.

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