Knocked the shit right out of her. I’m betting it layed her open.

Wrong grip honey.

I shot a sawed off double barrel 12 gauge with a cut down stock to make it a pistol grip one time.

It had the flip lever to break it open in the middle.

That fucker dug into the web between my thumb and forefinger and flayed my hand wide open.

Like I said, one time.

Homey don’t play with stupid shit like that no more after that one.

16 thoughts on “Oooouuuuuuuch!

  1. Who puts stuff like that in the hands of someone who has no idea what they’re doing. The one guy is plugging his ears. Apparently didn’t occur to him to warn the woman. Gotta love white trash eh.


  2. She will never shoot again.
    What a lousy way to introduce a rookie to the fun in shooting.
    You will not convince her about the necessity of the 2A anymore.

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  3. every fist time shooter i have showed how started with a 22lr target pistol. nothing but grins when
    they hit the target. then work up to bigger rounds after they see how easy it is.
    that there is nothing more that stupid shit. agreed, the guy who out in her hands should have his
    ass handed to him.


  4. When my boys where in High School I found myself in the business of teaching young ladies to shoot. Like other commenters mention I’d start them with a .22. I even went out and bought a 20 gauge 870 express youth model which was wildly popular with them. Some of them worked their way up to the 45-70 Guide gun and learned to manage real recoil. One of the great moments was when a girl hit her first clay pigeon shooting trap. She turned and looked at me with this huge smile and said “they blow up when you hit them!”. Another convert!. Some of those girls have a standing invitation to borrow the 20 gauge if they get a chance to go shooting or hunting.

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  5. They expected it to overpower her. Look how the idiot behind her is holding out his hands to catch her, even before she fires.


  6. Someone in her family needs to be strung up by the ankles if not the nuts for that. The best outcome is a goose egg on the young lady, worst could be loss of an eye or nasal septum and bones shoved up into her brain (deadly if not immediately treated). Idiots bordering on criminal.


  7. Depending upon the girl, may or may not shoot again. My bet is probably not. Asshioles that allow this should be beat to a pulp[. This is what makes anti gun zealots, And we all know we don’t need no more of them fumblefucks trying to run our lives.


  8. I like the way everybody thinks here – this was a piss-poor joke to pull on that girl. Certain types of low-lifes think this is funny, but not most/all of you readers here, Good On Ya.

    Start women on easier-handling smaller caliber weapons: .22 for rifle or pistol, 410 for shotguns. My wife handles a .38 special just fine, but doesn’t like my .357 LCR – yet she handles my GP100 just fine! Even with hot-loaded .357 rounds. Gotta be the mass of the gun – which she has NO problem with. She got marksman with her pistol training class!!


  9. Two things.

    There was a good reason that historical Whippet guns were mostly 20 gauge.

    Worse that moron hurt his gal with his negligence which was way out of line.


  10. What manly men those pussies are. I hope their mothers see that video. I am greatly comforted that in an alternative universe, she picked up that contraption by the opposite end and beat the living dog crap out of all three of them, beginning with whichever one who first suggested shooting that piece of crap. It is my fervent hope that it happened in this universe too.


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