Waiting for the Sun to go down

It’s still 109 here at 7:30 in the evening but the temperature is supposed to start dropping dramatically as soon as the Sun dips over the horizon. Ten degrees in the next hour alone and then supposedly getting all the way back down to under 70 degrees by 5 AM. That’s a 45 degree swing in 12 hours.

Irish and those back East got blasted with it too, he sent me a picture of the temperature readout on his dashboard and it showed 109.

Grog sent me a picture of the thermometer in his office and it was just under 107 and he is way, way North of me.

Someone commented earlier from somewhere down in Texas and said it was only like 73 and it was raining.

I’d be interested to hear from old Leonard down in Burnt Scrotum near Death Valley to see what level of Hell they wound up in.

I passed a gas station on my way in to work and there was a message board for the Body Shop behind it out on the street and it read 114 at 3 this afternoon.

Hopefully someone found the thermostat and cranked that bitch back down to simmer.


20 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun to go down

  1. It was 89 here in the land of Tooth Brush, anyplace else and it would be called teethbrush… We do have a nice large thunderstorm heading this way toward later this evening. It does get a smidgen muggy here though. I worked on my trailer roof this morning putting on a fresh coat of sealant and my t shirt, my cargo shorts and my shoes were soaked and that was at 7am…


  2. 74 here in the Detroit area
    Had a bad storm over the weekend 6.5” of rain in about an hour
    Throwing out stuff that got sewer water on it.
    Bet you west coast guys would like that much rain for a change
    Oh well, Michigan weather


  3. In North Central Texas it’s pretty nice right now. I have seen 119, in 1980. It hit 115 a few days during a drought a few years ago. I grew up on a farm near here and working all day when it was 105-110 was not unusual. You know it’s hot when 95 feels good.


  4. Hydrate buddy. And don’t forget some electrolytes. Guys our age can crash by rinsing all the potassium out of our bodies.

    J Kazak is right. I was working as an A&P in an unairconditioned hangar at San Antonio International Airport during the 1980 heat wave. That was one of the things that sent me back to college for my Engineering degree. Hard Times = Motivation.


  5. I’m about 3 hours north of you and driving today, my car said 115. High temp is one thing, several days in a row is ridiculous.


  6. Sorry man. It didn’t get over 75 at home, and on the beach it was 65. I had to run a couple of miles of highway 101 on the way home, and it was bumper to bumper Pilgrims both ways in Newport. Glad I live inland a bit.


  7. Hang loose folks, I hope this is just a temporary ‘solar flare’ blast. Move slow and drink cool liquida, Keep an eye on your pets, providing them with water. Watch put for your elderly friends, especially if power goes out.


  8. Yesterday my thermo indicated 104. I live in a good size city next to a couple large commercial buildings with acres of hot top on two sides, which used to be woods back when I moved here. Right now at 8:00AM it’s 82. I get direct sun along one whole wall of my place from 10:am to 4:00PM. So it gets pretty warm inside. Thank You who ever invented A/C.


  9. We broke 101F today, but I’m north of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta.

    For us thats insane levels of heat, forecast is this crap will be here till monday.


  10. I’m just north of San Antonio, Texas and our high was 83 with threat of rain. The Heavy cloud cover kept the temps low. Unheard of here heading into July. Crazy


  11. Spocompton reporting in – 86 according to the van thermometer when I headed to work today.

    At 0730.

    Was seeing 100+ most of last week, leaving work at 5 PM, I think it was max 108 or so, but cooled quick enough that I suspect some of that was pavement bake.

    Saturday and Sunday, max I saw was a non-pavement 109-114, midday to late afternoon. Sunday, the sun was cooking my steering wheel all afternoon to the point I had to glove up. (First time ever, for heat.)

    Oddly enough, just going outside and doing my rubs between buildings at work, the heat doesn’t seem to match those numbers – not running into the “oh fuck it hurts to just breathe the air” temps I grew up with in Montana, so I dunno WTF.


  12. Welcome to the desert climate, Phil. We routinely get 105-110 during the summers but it almost always drops to mid 50s overnight. Have only had to run A/C overnight once or twice in the 13 years here. Most days you can turn it on at 2pm and then turn it off and open windows by 7pm or so when it drops below 70. Midway between Sac and San FranShitsgo here. Stay cool.


  13. Was 97 in the DC area yesterday by my cars temp reader, was 98 today when I got off today the only difference was the humidity was a bit lower today.


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