7 thoughts on “That Was A Close One

  1. I’m a forensic pathologist. A couple of years ago, I did a case where a metal mud flap fell off the back of an 18-wheeler at 70 mph, bounced off the pavement, went through the windshield of the car following the truck, and decapitated the driver. The decedent’s spouse had to bring the car to the shoulder from the passenger side, saving the rest of the family. The truck driver was clueless, and continued on down the road. It was at a stretch were there were no cameras, so the truck was never identified.


  2. I was visiting my parents with my 20 month old son. I had a POS Ford Tempo Diesel that had 300K+ miles on it and had the boy’s car seat strapped in the passenger side rear seat. I was running just over the speed limit and ended up behind the Pedro brothers yard service flatbed that had 3 mowers, edger, blowers and trimmers on it. They hit a bump and a lawnmower blade fell off the truck. I tried to avoid it as it bounced down the country road. It came up through the rear passenger floorboard bending so that it lifted the rear tire off the road and imbedding the other end into the belt mechanism of the child seat that was between my son’s legs. I was able to get the chunk of metal out of the car but I could not open the child seat. A half hour latter when I was at my parents my dad and I were able to cut away the child seat to get my son out.


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