17 thoughts on “Repo, Guarantee It

  1. One of my favorite old movies is Repo Man. So many zingers in there, but the best line of all is standing around the burn barrel at the impound lot and one character says: “What I think it is, is that the more you drive, the less intelligent you are.” Every time I’m on a long road trip I remember that.


  2. We had these neighbors that had a lot of nice stuff including 2 brand new Harley Davidsons. After getting to know them a little I told my wife that their story doesn’t quite hang together. One of the things I’ve been trained to look for is unexplained affluence. One day the Sherriff and the Repo Man showed up with a flat bed and took the bikes out of the garage and then the house went on the market and then they disappeared.

    And yes, “Repo Man” was an great movie. That scene where Tracey Walter is burning the pine tree air fresheners in the burn barrel somehow really stays with me.


  3. I walk my dog late at night (3-4AM) and that seems to be the prime time for the repo man in my neighborhood. Funny, repoman doesn’t come to the apartments where people are quiet and clean, only to the loud, littering, obnoxious and drug-using jerks… Hmmm, some correlation there.

    And the funny thing is, in a complex with 2 separate parking lots, the idjits always think “If I park not near my apartment, like in the next lot, they’ll never find it…” BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Then there’s this youtube channel, where a company posts video of idiots who park in their lot and get towed.



  4. I was at the barber shop a few years ago. I heard a couple of the lady barbers giggling about what one of the customers was talking about as he was getting his hair cut. I wasn’t much interested as I was reading a book. When it came my turn, I sat in the chair that he had vacated. The barber asked me if I had overheard any of the conversation. I said no. She then informed me that the guy had been telling them stories about cars he had repossessed and the pissed off people he had encountered. I asked her how come he was still walking around on the right side of the grass. Kinda killed the conversation.


  5. Fun to watch but, when that repo gets back to the yard with that full time all wheel drive Subaru picked up by the front wheels that car is going to need a center differential at least! I hope he has a flat bed around the corner.


  6. About 20 years ago worked for Daimler Chrysler financial and repoed in the Boston and New Orlean zones. Lots of stories. One of my favorite was just a guy from Boston freaking out and screaming. “You matha fakkuhs stole my cah!” Ah, beantown, what a great accent!

    Well, you see, sir, it’s not really your car …


  7. Must be a woman driver’s car being repo’d. My wife NEVER sets the parking brake, and I think she has no clue where it is on her car. I always set it HARD, car won’t move under power when it is set. The repo guy would have to sand the tires down to the rims if trying to take my car. unless they have those dolly jacks like they do in EU land. Have seen them repo a car with 3 inches of clearance front/back to other cars by the curb using those things. Slide in, jack and pull car sideways out to road.


  8. Ive seen this in action. I was asleep in a vehicle next to one that was repo’d. Woke up to find the truck being wheeled away.

    I wasnt mad after I found out that my bud didnt make payments for three months. But I did have fun throwing rocks at the guy driving through people’s yards.


  9. Just wait until self-driving cars are more abundant. Instead of having tow trucks drive around at 3am, they’ll just tell your car to return itself…


  10. Worked for Chrysler Credit and Ford Motor Credit for awhile about 40 years ago. Picked up a lot of cars in Minneapolis in dark territory. Always went in early on a Sunday morning. Easy peasy.

    Hardest one I ever did was a pickup truck from a farmer I had gone to high school with. He was much more cordial about it than I would have been in his place. You could tell by looking around that things had not quite worked out for him down on the farm. I figured I basically pounded the last nail in the coffin. I quit shortly after that.


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