It’s Like This Right Now In Portland Oregon

Weather channel says it’s 110 at 2:20 in the afternoon but the actual high temp of 114 isn’t expected to hit until 6:00 this evening, which by the way, is the exact time I am supposed to be at work tomorrow and tomorrow is supposed to be just like today.

Half hour ago I had some poor young fella Amazon driver pull up and deliver a Face Mill that was supposed to be here yesterday.

When I saw him pull up out front I ran into the kitchen and snagged two bottles of water out of the fridge and then handed them to him when I opened the door.

He was absolutely miserable, had a light shirt wrapped around his head and around his neck like the old Lawrence Of Arabia shit.

I felt bad for the kid but he was extremely grateful for the cold water. All he could say was, “It’s REALLY hot” and “Thank You” a couple of times and off he went again.

Glad I could help him out and I figure it’s the least I could do for anybody who showed up at my door in this fucking heat.

21 thoughts on “It’s Like This Right Now In Portland Oregon

  1. About 40 years ago this very large mail delivery man was doing his rounds in 105 weather, sweat pouring off him in buckets. We opened the door as he walked up and gave him 2 large glasses of water. Made a friend that day and we always got our mail.


  2. Good on ‘ya, Phil! We’ve done the same here, and now several of the FedEX/UPS drivers know our name. My Mom would always have a glass of ice water for the mailman when he came by in the summer.

    We’re at 70*, partly cloudy, and breezy today. We got clipped with that 100* shit a week or so ago, and it’s forecast to be in the 80’s next week.


  3. whats the humidity? dew point?

    if under 60sh, i dont wanna hear any more belly achin outta uze

    shade & fan, cool beverage helps


  4. random acts of kindness is never a lost clause. the little thing you do for someone else when
    they are having problems is like gold to them. it is one of the many things my mom taught me to do.
    and on the plus side, you always get your stuff. kind of like tipping the bartender when you first
    get there, never had to wait for a beer after that.


    • If it was me I would be finding a Motel with Air Conditioning asap. I’m not even joking. Ours isn’t keeping up as it is, I have it set for 67 and it’s still 79 degrees in the house.


      • I’ve thought about it – we are weathering it OK still. No one too old or too young at the house. But damn-everyone wants to go with me to the orangebox store now…


  5. “like the old Lawrence Of Arabia shit.”

    Best movie ever.

    Sorry about the heat. It’s only 110 here today. But it’s a dry kinda heat. So it only feels like the surface of the sun.


  6. It was even hot down here on the coast. We went to Astoria for the Sunday Market, and all the vendors were bailing early due to the heat. Found some shade and refreshment at Reveille Cider.


  7. I feel for you all. Down in OZ, just outside the Marxist capital, the normal variation in summer is around 28c to 45c. For probably three to four years out of ten. We have drought which can last a decade and the summer temps can be very brutal and where I am living down south in nsw, at 35 degrees south and at an elevation of 620m this is generally the norm. Winters are usually quite annoying and can snow, although with the amount of urban encroachment lately that is now rare. Rain is around 200mm to 650mm per annum and not evenly distributed. This year has so far been almost normal. Hoping that your heatwave doesn’t last much longer. By the way, the grid here is quite flaky these days since the watermelons have embedded themselves in the feds and civil service. Might be time to move sooner rather than later. I enjoy the posts and comments here very much, and am amazed at how much an old fart like me can still learn everyday. Cheers from down under.


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