High Temperature Records Are Getting Shattered Like Christmas Tree Ornaments In A Room Full Of Cats Around Here

It was 108 here yesterday, that broke a record.

It’s supposed to be 114 here today AND tomorrow.

The over night low was 82 and it was already 85 outside a few minutes ago at 9:00 in the morning.

114 is going to obliterate any old high temp records around here for damn sure.

We had to get some groceries yesterday and I had to stop and put gas in the Wifely Unit’s Hoopty.

While I was standing next to the trunk waiting for the pump handle to click off there were a few gusts of hot wind that blew right in my face.

It was just like opening an oven door to pull out a pizza.

I am not even kidding.

I was supposed to work today but took the day off. I do have to work tomorrow evening in the hottest part of the day.

I certainly hope no one is expecting a lot to get done.

The very last thing I want to do is add Heat Stroke to the long list of shit I have already survived in my 61 years.

26 thoughts on “High Temperature Records Are Getting Shattered Like Christmas Tree Ornaments In A Room Full Of Cats Around Here

  1. I was driving across Kansas mid summer about ten years back. Got out to gas up. It was 105° with a steady 15 MPH out of the south. Felt like I’d stuck my head in a convection oven.
    Best part was two young bucks at the next pump debating whether to go get in a round of golf.


  2. Phoenix record is 122 I believe. Over 20 years ago and hot enough the planes stopped flying out of Sky Harbor.

    Living in Tempe, I remember 116 and it stayed that hot through the night also. Dry Schmy, that’s fookin hot. We’d play golf in 105, not over that.


        • Umm, I do, don’t watch TV unless I play one of my movies. I listen to an very oldies Big Band and Swing/Jazz, Old C/W stations on XM radio. Only reason I subscribe to them and a local station here that plays the kind of music Phil would not go near…

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          • I’d probably listen to XM but I don’t want to pay for it. Download all music from youtube to mp3, then run through an MP3 editor to equalize the balance. Can also fad iin/out and trim live stuff, etc.


  3. G’day Phil, re fueling up during high temps. It may not mean too much with the missus’s buzzbox little tank, but it surely will when you fill up your Chey’s tank: the expansion of liquid aromatic hydrocarbons when exposed to heat, a.k.a. getting robbed at the bowser, by pumping non-existent fuel. Do the math, then you may wait until the coolest part of the day to buy your petrol. It especially should hurt when you count all the direct and indirect taxes you pay to Xaio Biden for every phantom quart of petrol. No shit, you’re robbing yourself fueling-up in the heat.


  4. Oh yeah, Artie? And is that why the bowsers won’t pump fuel? Because it literally does change to a gas(eous) state when too hot, the pump can’t scavenge enough liquid matter to move it out of the underground tanks. Fuck you Artie, go back to nitpicking Yahoo and msn, you’re likely their prime consumer.


  5. My Tucson living sister sent a pic of her shaded thermometer at 118 degrees last week. Not a high for Tucson, but high for June, She likened opening the outside door to opening the oven to check on the chocolate chip cookies. But there were no cookies. Funny girl.


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