You Get Wiser As You Get Older

By surviving the bad decisions you made when you were younger.


That dumb bitch just got a little bit wiser.

8 thoughts on “You Get Wiser As You Get Older

  1. Having lived a life of constant healing and gotten old enough to realize damn little of it Actually healed,, Ohh,,I’ve gotten wise.


  2. Dunno… had it happened to me in Iraq during the rainy season… big flowing rainwater river right through the middle of our A.O… I stepped in and what I didn’t know was the water had cut a 3 foot deep channel in the mud, so instead of solid ground, it was three foot a’water… I done fell in, and I shot halfway down the street because of it “riding the rapids” so to speak…

    Then I went back, told my buddy, and we went out and started doing it for the fun factor. Dirty nasty probably corpse polluted water? Hell yeah, but fun AF just keep your mouth shut and don’t drink it…(we took our entertainment when we could back then)


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