Toot Toot!

Yeah, I’m blowing my own horn here a bit.

I missed it yesterday but I have this thing from WordPress on my phone that keeps track of how many days in a row that I have posted.

Yesterday hit 730, today is 731.

365 X 2 is 730.

That means I have posted at least something here every freaking day for two years straight.

I don’t set up posts in advance either. That means every single day for the last two years I have had to sit down and come up with something.

I thought I’d share that because even I am impressed with myself for that.

Sometimes Blogging ain’t easy, burnout is a real thing.

Just goes to show what a stubborn bastard I can be.

24 thoughts on “Toot Toot!

  1. Good on Ya Phil, and thank your the dedication, you da man! I ain’t got a long enough attention span to do it, often getting lost going from one room to the next in.a 2 room house. By the way, Don’t you have a birthday coming up? Or was that last year?

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  2. Well done dude. It is a stone bitch somedays to come up with shit to poast. Jes’ Sayin’

    But weren’t for you, I’d still be in my hole. All your fault man and I love ya for it. (no fag).
    Let me know how the chompers are going via email re: dat fukkin thing.
    Hope things have slowed

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  3. Thank you.
    I mean that sincerely.
    I enjoy coming here to see what you have to say. And the comments from the riff raff you seem to attract are pretty good for the most part. Then there’s a couple from the better side of town stopping by too. Mr. Wilder and Sandy immediately come to mind. I miss Leonard’s sage wisdom. Anyway, thanks Phil the time you dedicate does not go unnoticed.

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  4. Good on you, Phil. Gee, there must be an awful lot of strife a bloke could get up to, that will earn him less than 2 years gaol. You’re lucky they havn’t caught you yet!

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  5. Phil, you are but a fresh breath of air in a coking operation… I don’t know how you do it, I would be a raging asshole if I had to deal with some of the Esteemed Gentlemen and Upstanding Ladies that peruse your humble blog. Nahhh.. they are a good bunch of eggs that I would be happy to lift a pint of bitters and chug a lug it with! Yes, even Johno of Terrapin Island… only one bitters thou then I switch to Fosters.

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    • Um, Cederq, Aussies don’t actually drink Fosters. I don’t know where they obtain enough camels in the US to obtain the bottling contents. Check the label one day.


      • Johno, only beer I know that is an Aussie beer, kinda like Corona is Mexican, but I know they have better beers then that mule piss. Enlighten me to the other beers that fester your Island Continent that they may import here that I will give a hearty
        try. I know Fosters is much like Coors here. The only reason Fosters come in that damn big can is to get ya buzzed faster without getting up to grab another can.


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  7. That’s an accomplishment. Thanks for an interesting and eclectic range of subjects to stimulate conversation and occasionally the mind.


  8. The Tasmanian Cascade Brewery do a few good beers. Also the South Australian Coopers Brewery, with their brewed-in-the-bottle ales. I’m not sure that Fosters is still made here, I havn’t seen it sold for 30 years, up north anyway.


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