I Can Hear The Snickering From Phoenix Already

“But it’s a DRY heat”…..

Um, yeah.

The forecast for this upcoming weekend is pretty much a death sentence for some folks around here.

109 degrees two days in a row?

Yeah, to say we aren’t used to that kind of shit is a major understatement.

The elderly and the poor who don’t have air conditioning or a way to escape that kind of heat are going to be extremely vulnerable.

We are talking forty degrees above normal here for this time of year and high temperature records are looking to get shattered.

It’s only about 80 outside right now and while I was outside watering some stuff in preparation for this heatwave a little bit ago my fucking tongue was hanging out already.

I was supposed to work Sunday and Monday both but took Sunday off earlier this week when the Wifely Unit’s Mom passed away. I didn’t know what I was going to be dealing with nor how long so I just took it off to be safe.

Monday is still going to be a killer.

You can’t work in that kind of heat around here, all you can do is go into survival mode.

Now that I think about it, I’m going to go grab some ice and bottled water and stick it in an ice chest out in the garage a bit later this afternoon. Right now I am doing some laundry so the wife won’t have to deal with and run the damn dryer while the A/C is trying to cool the joint down.

I do anticipate a knock down drag out argument about her habit of leaving the back sliding door open with a screen over the opening, “So the cat’s can get in and out”.

With the A/C running full blast.

Fuck them fucking cats, those sonsabitches aren’t stupid. They are going to be hiding out wherever they can find the coolest spot and that will be the bedroom.

I may have to throw a couple of them in the corner and lock myself in the fucker with them.

21 thoughts on “I Can Hear The Snickering From Phoenix Already

  1. That’s nuts! Can you get the make-up air for you drier from outside instead of blowing house air thru it? I gotta say, I not much use for cats. Only good for keeping a German shepherd entertained for a couple of minutes. “Gee… I think I’ll go shit in this plastic box full of grit!” Fuck that.


  2. You Yanks have decent native cats: lynx, bobtail, puma/lougar/panther/mountain lion. The latter especially would be good for welcoming burglars. What the hell is it with women and their house cats? Damn four-legged parasites, most of ’em anyway. I’m sure that egorr has an other view.


    • Every so often Johno I agree with ya! The only good cat is a barn cat that takes care of the mice and rats and a frisbee cat…


    • John-o, a Cougar and a Mountain Lion are the same critter. Just so you know.
      Gonna be 112 to 114 degrees F in Spokane next week! WTH! It’s NEVER EVER been that hot – did somebody leave the Door to Hell propped open??

      What is going on here? Solar activity is driving this, we must’ve pissed of Ol’ Sol!


  3. Phil, I’ve seen predictions from 105 to 112 for sunday and monday, who the fuck knows, it’s summer anyway.


    Stay cool, just the same.


  4. Cederq, at the Gulf of Carpentaria bauxite mining town, Weipa, the local boys amuse themselves when bored, by going catfishing. No, not online, but on the wharf: a feral cat, pair of welding gloves for the handling of, a length of clothesline. Dip the cat with a splash, then wait for the croc’s jaws to snap tight. Well, croc has to eat, the ferals have to be culled…


  5. No egorr, they are too suspicious. However, those electronic shark repellant devices would be fun if you got a pollie to wear an attractant emitter! Yep, I know that the cougar/lion/puma are the same animal. I’ve read that the Florida Panther is different: yay or nay?


  6. might be the right time to get some of those soy boys and girls out to play in the sun.
    i don’t think they last long in that kind of heat. be a good way to cull them out
    and the dumb fact of wearing black head to toe might make it go faster too


  7. I don’t understand how a city on the Pacific coast has single digit humidity. Here in the hill country, we are 150 miles from the Gulf, and humidity usually runs at 70% or better; always.


  8. It’s only 11 AM and the thermometer on the north side of the house in the shade says 85 degrees, and that’s just 6 miles inland from Newport, Oregon.

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    • Find some shade buddy. If you are lucky you will get some cooler wind coming off the ocean blowing up the river and keeping things from getting out of hand. It was 85 when I woke up at 9 here.

      Screw this noise, I’m going to hide in the damn house all day.


  9. I’m on the Olympic peninsula & yesterday it got up to 104 here at Casa del gato naranja. Currently it’s noon Sunday & we’re already at 100 degrees.
    Heat pumps are a godsend.


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