32 thoughts on “Absolutely Required Reading

  1. He most certainly nailed it with that.
    I was slightly disappointed with his reference to huffing gold spray paint.
    I was actually thinking of using those exact words on the Aussie, and that is the truth.
    Now I’ll just have to say nobody told him not to eat the glue when he was a wittle boy.


      • Cedreq, you just provided me with a new name, “the despicable Aussie critter”. What an honour, thank you! Trouble is, but, my thumb would drop off before I filled out Phil’s submission form.


        • I said fritter, not critter, what I long suspected is English comprehension is not your first language. Go back to doing what you do best, sell or give away vegetables on that island you are so fond of…


  2. John Wilder is a clever word smith that boils down to the point the vast majority of us (Deplorables, [I own that]) think and feel to the sinew of our bones.

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  3. The forests of North America, and maybe the fathers of some commenters on thìs blog, got off lightly during the latter years of WWII, due to some kids eating glue! The Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, long tagging behind the I.J. Navy Air Force, cast about for a cheap means of hurting the Yanks’ war machine, and came up with a cruise missile in the form of large paper balloons, carrying a light incendiary charge that, once the balloon had swept across the Pacific Ocean and descended somewhere above the great forests to the north, would fall to the ground and ignite fires, that the nation having little manpower left available to battle forest blazes, would overcome futile efforts and condense into huge wildfires destroying much-needed timber for the war effort, and ruin lives and livelihoods. Or such was their plan anyway, but the only labour available to the IJAAF to make the paper balloons were 12yo Jap schoolgirls, forced to assemble the rough paper sheets by glueing them together. Trouble for the wily Japs came when the starving girls twigged that the glue was based on potato-starch. So more glue was daily ending in their guts than making the balloons secure. They left the Jap highlands just fine, but the great mass ended in the drink. Tragically, one of the few successful flights killed an American housewife and mother when the firebomb exploded on her kitchen roof.


  4. I’ve spent considerable time trying to pin-point the “triggering event”. Gun confiscation would be a big one. Starving humans would be another. It’s beginning to point to the evaporation of people’s life savings. Remember when Trump got out and walked down the street during inauguration? These cockheads in now won’t dare be in public.


  5. Like Texson, I’ve spent some time thinking of the main triggering event to kick off Da Pah-tee,. After careful and lengthy consideration the best I’ve been able to come up with is – Ju=ust Cause.


  6. Cederq, I am still vision-impaired, with severe diabetic blindness, so my fault. You like the fancy terms: Diabetic Macular Oedema, and widespread retinopathy. So, while adapting, I do make mistakes. At least, though, if I were allowed to shoot, I won’t need no fancy dot-sight, I’ve got heaps of them to choose everywhere I look! Also, I’d save on drinks if I went cruising, all the old chicks are blurry already! Mind you, they would have had to remove their own specs first.


    • That is something we share Johno, being diabetic and having retinopathy… Don’t have Macular Edema, thank the eye gods. You must have fun looking at the the wavy images… Is it caused by High blood pressure or Retinitus Pigmentosa or Uveitus?


  7. And now his website seems to be gone “There has been a critical error in this website.” Apparently he was too critical of TPTB.


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