Some Nightmare Fuel For You Commie Pieces Of Shit

Real Americans, with real munitions, at night.

For fun.

This one goes out to Slow Joe and the Ho.

Sleep tight you miserable sonsabitches.

I read somewhere the other day that they are going to do this Knob Creek shoot one more time.

I’m here to tell you that in this current climate, if I had any of that you wouldn’t catch me anywhere near that place.

I’d be sitting on it for future use when it’s going to count.

23 thoughts on “Some Nightmare Fuel For You Commie Pieces Of Shit

    • Bob, not everyone just buys one or two boxes when they go to the store. Most folks that shoot volume buy ammo and reloading components in bulk. Folks buy those 55gallon drums of ammo all the time. When those items go on sale, trucks (think 18wheels) make the deliveries. Hope that helps ya.


    • I saw a mad minute one time, i think it was a full batallion shot everything they had in a minute, just as it got dark. It was awesome.


  1. slo says we need f15’s and nukes if we want to take on the govt…..that right there, a SMALL taste of what is out there, puts the f/u to his assertions. “cry HAVOK and loose the dogs of war”


    • Comrade slo is sniffing glue again, (still) cause we don’t need no stinking F-15’s or other stuff to take over the gubmint. Al we gotta do is quit paying taxes and with the miserable implode from the crime wave they are no subject to cause they can’t afford their private security


  2. I wouldn’t want to take anything away from the fun people have with their machine guns and I never advocate violence but I will say this. The most lethal weapon I own is a pre 64 Model 70 Winchester 30.06 Bolt action with a 3 to 9 Redfield scope. I’ll just leave it at that.


  3. The geriatric militia should also stock up on ibuprofen, inhalers and Jack to facilitate egress from the Lazy Boy when SloJo and the Jackbooted Thugs come for the .223 cal penis enhancers.


  4. A mad minute will definitely ruin anybody`s day or night if they are outside the wire of your perimeter And that comment about us older vets well it`s for us to know and the others to find out


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