Just A Quick Note

This first one is a reminder for me,

Now a quick note to everyone else out there.

I want you to know that both my Wife and I are extremely grateful and a bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of condolences, sympathy, good wishes and the off the charts generosity that you have shown us in just the last 18 hours at this point.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

So far, today has just been a whirlwind of activity and it isn’t even Noon yet.

My youngest daughter’s 30th birthday is today. That little shit is up partying in Seattle. She is SUCH her father’s daughter, I’m telling ya.

I already roused her out of a coma this morning and wished her a Happy Birthday, before I got busy and forgot.

She gets no sympathy from me if she has a hangover, that’s for damn sure. But she is well and is having a good time.


Called up the dentist and made an appointment for an Unscheduled Pit Stop.

I woke up yesterday morning and it felt like my gum was infected. I kept it rinsed out with medicated mouth wash all day but the very last thing I need right now is to be dealing with a mouth infection so in I went at 9.

She said she didn’t think it was infected but she pulled the stitches out while I was there, rinsed everything and wrote me a prescription for some Amoxycillin just to be safe.

I figure even if that isn’t infected something else surely must be needing a good cleaning with a well placed Biocide.

Then I stopped at a Jack In The Box on the way home and got a double order of scrambled eggs and two sausage patties.

I ate two banana’s yesterday and finally at 11:00 threw some Oriental Noodle Bowl thing in the microwave after putting some water in it over at the In Laws place because I was freaking starving.

I was just about to go to lunch when the wife called me about her Mom so that went out the window.

That whole food thing is going to be needing looked after a bit harder.

Called an Attorney’s office just a bit ago, the same one that handled my Mom’s estate and will be hearing back from them probably tomorrow.

Talked to my Sister In Law just before that, she’s the one that gave me the phone number.

Things are still getting cleaned up over at MY Mom’s place and now we get to start that whole process over at MY WIFE’S parents house.

Just got off the phone with HR at work, I will be off till at least Monday. I had 3 floating holidays they are going to burn for me before they start taking time out of my PTO.

It’s still not even 11:30 yet this morning.

I don’t even know how much sleep I got last night, 5 and a half, 6 hours, maybe.

So things are happening.

I want to thank you all again, it means a hell of a lot more to me than I could ever properly express.

18 thoughts on “Just A Quick Note

  1. With as many friends that you have here, Phil, I know that everyone’s thoughts and prayers of stability, health and happiness toward you and yours, will overcome the temporary adversities.


  2. And don’t worry about entertaining us we will be here when you get back. God Bless and God Speed. See you soon.


  3. Wanted to send my condolences as well, but didn’t want to completely clusterfuck your inbox…I know you have a lot to chew on…no pun intended (well…maybe a little).
    Best wishes you both you and your wife’s family.
    Tell her to keep her head up…she has a family out here in interwebs land more than willing to give whatever support we can.


  4. Let us know if you need bail money for your daughter, if she’s like you.

    chuckling, all in good humor, my friend.

    As everyone else said, you have a lot of people in your corner, hang in there, everything will smooth out in the end.


  5. Just had a concerning thought. Does anyone already have financial and medical durable power of attorney for FIL? Did you guys already have stuff (e.g. a trust) set up for dealing with the property of the in-laws in the event of MIL’s death?

    I am about the furthest thing from a legal expert, but I’m pretty sure FIL’s competence could be a real problem if there is nothing already in place. Your attorney should of course be able to advise on this, but he *is* aware of the Alzheimer disease issue, yeah?


  6. Damn, Phil. This is about the worst possible news than I could have anticipated. Like everyone else here; I am more concerned about you getting things taken care of, than our entertainment. Family first, Bud. I really don’t know what I can do from here, but if there is something – just ask. I’ll try my best.
    Be well and God speed.

    Whitehall, NY


  7. Condolences, Phil, and ditto the wish for you to not worry about posting until you get your crises fixed. Glad you got to the dentist, mouth infections are no joking matter. You take care, we’ll be here when you get back – and let us all know if you need anything.


  8. Condolences to you, Phil, and your family.

    In re. food, use a blender. So, it won’t be steak on the grill, but you can pack a lot of nutrition into a smoothie. Sorry if that seems a little gay, but even boxers do it. Remember Rocky with his glass of eggs? Milk, yogurt, protein powder, some frozen fruit…


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