Joe Biden Is Talking Shit To The Wrong Motherfuckers

I don’t know if you heard that doddering old fool mumbling through his Denture Cream earlier but if you watch this I’m confident that you can come to the conclusion that he wasn’t just talking shit to the gun owners in this country exclusively.

He’s talking smack to every Patriotic American that exists.

After decoding the word salad it appears to me that Joe Chi Minh is under the mistaken opinion that the Unites States Military is unbeatable here at home against it’s own citizens because they haz teh F-15’s and Teh Nukular Bombs and shit.

Excuse me?

Yeah Joe, go sit down and shut the fuck up already.

The second you or any of your Commie handlers make the mistake of strafing Americans with F-15’s is the second you signed your own death warrant.

At that point the entire world is going to come knocking on your door and they will be wanting to try and keep the rest of us from stringing you up by your guts long enough so that they can try you in a World Court instead.

You aren’t kidding anybody asshole.

We know you are scared shitless of us.

We also know that is why you are so desperate to take our weapons of choice by any crazy scheme you can get enough suckers on board with.

Unfortunately for you and your kind, there are those of us out here on the ground who have absolutely zero intentions of playing any of these games anymore.

We are just waiting at this point.

11 thoughts on “Joe Biden Is Talking Shit To The Wrong Motherfuckers

  1. Never mind “zero tolerance for gun dealers” ( that make paperwork errors) to zero tolerance for crackheads that lie on their 4473’s?


    • Also, Fuck you Biden,

      μολὼν λαβέ YOU, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., not some fukkin’ government goon, show up on my doorstep and try to take a gun, any gun away from me.

      “If you’re comin’ to take mine, you’d better bring yours.”


    • He is also fuller of BS, when the Second was ratified you could go out and buy a cannon and several did and used them. Where did he get his gun-dealer statistic? Pulled it out of kamel toe’s nasty ass hole? I think Putin wants to help us string him up, he wants a strong leader at our helm, makes his country safer and stable.


  2. phil. so sorry about your wife mom. prayers go out to the both of you. both of my parents are gone
    so i know the hole they leave behind. little late finding out- hospital bullshit myself, no big problems
    just a lot of little old age shit one can do without. still wishing the best for you and your’s.
    remember joe is nothing more than a mouth piece for the clowns behind him,


  3. That chap was flapping his gums at the small subset of actual living karens that tossed their vote his way. Pleading with those on the fence to join the communist side. They know their backs are getting closer to the wall and are very concerned about the ropes being measured for the lampposts. The media it seems is loosing control of their narratives. Makes me worry about the innocent that will be trampled in their next false flag event. I do fully support them on one cause however, there does need to be a good purge. Just there is a slight difference in the “whom” part. As Cary grant said in the movie repeatedly “All of them Frank”


  4. So, this asshat wants to use nukes against his own countrymen? I think it’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment, as he’s truly lost what little mind he had.


  5. When you are legitimately in control instead of being usurpers there is no need for such posturing and threats. This hollow display of empty threats is as much to convince themselves that are in charge as it is for the benefit of the populace.

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