Yeah, You Do That

Kamala Harris Tells Activists to Knock on Doors and Harass People Who Haven’t Been Vaccinated in Desperate Push to Meet 4th of July Goal

I just don’t see it ending well if you come knocking on my door with that bullshit.

As you can see, I’m a little busy.

I just don’t have the time to talk to you right now,

25 thoughts on “Yeah, You Do That

    • I didn’t avoid him, but I did manage to scare him White. Who’s stoopid idea was it to send a sketchy-looking black kid into a town of 1000 which at the time* had not a single black family? And then ask personal questions.

      *Even now there’s only one family.


    • You too? I thought I was the only one that did that. It was fun avoiding the little ass hoes, took some clever E & E. I never have been counted and I take an unabashed pride in that.


      • I figured if they ever did catch up with me that I would tell them that I self identified as “Lucky Little Lisa” and that I was a exotic dancer, I had no income as I live in the remote wilderness and there isn’t any place to ply my trade. To bad you didn’t come here last week. I was General Patton, and that front end loader sitting there is my tank. But, I guess that gate out by the road being always closed and the place well identified as private property keeps the uninvited at bay.


        • Ya know, Arkansas is not Kansas Toto… I may take you up on that about relocating iffn’ the offer is still open? I don’t know about hitting the outhouse in the middle of winter at -60 degrees F though. I don’t mind if all they asked is how many people lived at the address, but nothing else is their damn business and I tell them that. You don’t need to know how many bathrooms or bedrooms I have, or what bathsalts I use when I have a Calgon moment. If ya need to know it is public info at the court house, look it up


          • The outhouse is there because it gets really cold buddy. It’s a backup system in case the septic system should crap out. ( see what I did there ) How are you going to fix that when the ground is frozen solid down to about 15 ft? It has never been used yet, but I’ve been told that I do have probably the nicest one around.
            Come on up and we’ll look at getting some heat in there for you.


  1. She can go fuck herself. But then she has been cocked more times then John Wayne’s rifle. I have a cable across the driveway with a no trespassing sign on it and 50 chickens running around the yard. Old mobile home and a American flag on the porch. People don’t fuck around my place much. One guy came jogging up the road and I had my overalls on with a chicken under one arm and my machete in my hand. I was staring at him. He picked up his little dog and went back the way he came. Have not seen him since. ( Out in Estacada Oregon ) They call us the butthole of Portland

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    • “I had my overalls on with a chicken under one arm and my machete in my hand. I was staring at him.”

      Brilliant! Almost makes me want to raise chickens. But the stupid town where I live I’d get SWATted for having a visible pocket knife, much less a machete. (Yeah, I know, long past time to move.)

      “John Wayne’s rifle” is a new expression to me. For the VP* I’ve always liked the old standby of “Had more Black dick inside her than a urinal at the Apollo Theater.”

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    • Those of us from Canby thought Estacada was about 2 inches in from the butthole where da poop sits and waits for the sphincter to open up… You can spend a whole week in Estacada in one afternoon. Stick around, I got more Estacada one liners…


        • I used to work at Holladay Park Hospital when you lived there, wonder if I ever saw you around, kinda like Phil too? Living so close to each other and now aware of each other until Phil’s blog.


  2. I’ll just do the same thing as when the Jehovah’ Witnesses show up: Answer the door buck naked. They don’t come back for a while… I did feel kinda bad about almost giving the sweet old lady a heart attack, but I got over it. You wanna come up my driveway uninvited? You takes yer chances.

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  4. When census urchin stopped by, door was opened by old grouch, strapped 1911 and a very narrow-minded german shepherd. (Normal greeting. Neighbors were used to it.)


  5. My idiot sister will be at the door wearing 2 masks & gloves. Answer the door with a maga hat then watch out for the ef-bombs to start flying. It really is fun.


  6. Two weeks ago a floater rang the doorbell, I answered. I had my .45 strapped and not concealed (a couple black bears outside near the riding arena). Said cork soaker was trying to sell me solar panels. I asked it if he supported a clean environment. Yes! It croaked. I asked why are you selling something that takes more Fossil Fuel energy to build than what it generates in its lifetime? Aren’t you concerned about clean water? Solar panels cannot be recycled and they are going into landfills and will poison our children (he of the “light in the loafers” type will never procreate thank God!). He challenged me on the accuracy of the statements. I then educated him.

    The rump runner walked back to the street, stunned. He won’t be back.

    I love screwing with dipshits like him and telemarketers. As far as the JW’s and Mormons go, they haven’t stopped by for over 20 years for some reason….


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