Now That I Think About It, This Country Was Doomed LONG AGO

Something dawned on me that I should have picked right up on from my last post but somehow slipped my attention.

If Joe Chi Minh and his Backup Ho are in such a mad rush to get enough people jabbed for the Kung Flu before Teh 4th of July to brag about getting SEVENTY PERCENT of willing American thralls jabbed then that means there is only a little over thirty percent of us right now who were smart enough not to get ourselves injected with an experimental gene therapy cocktail they are trying to pass off as a vaccine in the first place.

THAT, is fucking scary.

28 thoughts on “Now That I Think About It, This Country Was Doomed LONG AGO

  1. I don’t believe 70% got the vaccine, then I could be wrong.

    Thinking back, this country went South starting with the hippies in the 60’s. I wasn’t one, couldn’t understand them and truly wondered what the fuck they were on about with all the activism shit. Activism being the key phrase. Now everyone is a fucking activist and won’t leave anyone alone or doesn’t want to.


    • Now everyone is a fucking “victim” who demands and “deserves” reparations or special set-asides. And you can’t even question (much less criticize) anyone from a victimhood group because muh slavery, or because muh soap and lampshades, or whatever. This is what you get when both popular culture and formal “high”/academic culture are both controlled by professional victims.


  2. Remember the Maine, the news only tells the truth, and bow down to your new non-white transgender overlords that did all this of their own free will with no direction from anyone at anytime.

    Oh, and Needles In Arms is our only defense against carbon dioxide turning this planet into a moldering cinder.

    Honk, honk.


  3. One of my favorite quotes is from George Carlin:
    “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
    Unfortunately, this whole scamdemic has shown that the average person is a lot more stupid than I imagined.


  4. Hold off on your next house or vehcle purchase, maybe you can pick up an abandoned one for free soon. Shop now for models of the heavy equipment brands you prefer. Yellow? Green? Orange?


  5. kind of funny in a bad way. was talking to a older guy like me today and we where wondering how
    the country got so stupid. or as he said “cloth doesn’t hold in a fart how is it going to stop a virus ”
    and george carlin was right, people are stupid. bad thing is most of them don’t know it.
    i guess after this shit shakes out we see who left standing after all.


  6. Here in OH about 43% have been jabbed, which means I’m one of almost 6 in 10 who fucking refuses. The lib news doesn’t put it that way. Cool Blog 😎 Phil. Daily lurker. Scott


      • Well since the mRNA is causing perecarditis (??? help me out here, Cederq!) then the zombies won’t have the heart to chase anything…much.


        • Pericarditis. An inflammation of the fibrous sac (pericardium) enclosing the heart. Pericarditis often produces chest pain that is positional: worse when laying flat, and improved when sitting up leaning forward. There are characteristic ECG changes associated with pericarditis. To the not-very-skilled ECG reader these can be mistaken for a major heart attack. (Not a disaster since someone with either a heart attack or pericarditis needs to be checked out, and if they think it’s a heart attack you’ll get looked at quicker.)

          The COVID “vaccine” has been associated with both pericarditis and myocarditis (an inflammation of the actual heart muscle). The infamous spike protein (that the vaccine causes your own cells to make) has two parts, called S1 and S2. The S2 part facilitates viral/cell fusion. The S1 part binds an enzyme called ACE2. Messing with ACE2 damages endothelial function. So what’s endothelial function?

          Blood vessels aren’t static tubes. Rather, arteries can contract and dilate, as needed to optimize blood flow. The innermost layer of cells in an artery is called the endothelium. Endothelial cells produce nitric oxide (NO) in response to stimuli such as increased blood flow. NO is a vasodilator, so that when you are running for example, the coronary arteries that feed heart muscle (myocardium) are dilated (expanded) so that you have more blood flowing to the myocardium. If the endothelial cells are damaged, then they can’t do the NO thing properly, and you lose a major component of the ability to regulate (increase) blood flow. Stuff like this leads to ischemic chest pain, claudication, and so forth. With SARS-CoV2 (the official name for the COVID-19 virus) you can get damage to heart AND lung blood vessels. This has been suspected for a while, but a recent paper (April 2021) showed how the spike protein alone can damage your blood vessels — you don’t need the entire virus.

          So the vaccine teaches your body to make a substance that damages your arteries and therefore can damage your heart and lung function. Nice job, medical establishment. Nice job, Dr Fauci — you smug, miserable little dwarf fuck.


          • Yes, I continue to participate in this vast medical experiment. I am a proud and confirmed member to the negative control group.


          • Lots of big words and sciency stuff. Let me guess. Rejected by the liberal/academic/cultural elite so you’ve become the resident smart/guy among a bunch of angry/mediocre white/guys?


            • No, he’s just an educated consumer and an involved citizen, and has made the effort to learn more than the media is reporting. It’s all out there online.

              SARS Cov-2 has been proven to be a vascular disease; it just expresses itself as a lung ailment at first. It’s also becoming know that the vaccines damage your red blood cells, and not just in the blood clot manner.

              But we can talk furin cleavage sites, what CGG-CGG proves, receptor binding domains, S proteins, the role of the proto-hormone calciferol in activating T8 lymphocytes, and why both Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and importin α/β-mediated nuclear import inhibitors are such effective treatments for this virus, and the cellular benefits of glutathione. Two years ago probably very few of us knew these things, but we learned because we felt the need to learn.

              So sure, we’re angry, but we are far from mediocre. And probably a lot less white and perhaps less overall male a group than you might think.

              But we know you’re a troll, so fuck off.


              • Lots more big words. I’m impressed! Lets make it simple. A few hundred mostly young men experienced a temporary side effect of the vaccine. Millions of people have been and will be saved by the vaccine. Simple cost-benefit.


        • Thanks Mike_C, saved me from typing something that long… and I second it. I was reading it is also effecting vein and vein valves much the same way, but through another pathway. I am looking back through to find the article and will summarize from it. Greg, it will be up to us control group to bury the lab rats…


  7. 70 % eh! First consider where those figures came from. That tells you the truth of it. So that would leave 30 percent left sane for the long term. 2nd consider that during the little skirmish betwixt Kinky George and his minions back in 1775 (it actually started April 19th 1775) it is reported that only about 3 % of the population participated in that little brouhaha. AlSo if those figures are correct, that leaves us up by 27%. Of those actually willing and able to participate in the upcoming Barnum & Bailey event. It’s all over but the crying….


  8. Keep the faith, man. Nothing but a speedbump on the road of life.

    Well, maybe a speed bump followed by the mother of all potholes.

    You’ll get through it. We’re praying for you.,


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