Better Hope That’s Not Cheap Fiber Board

I highly doubt that I could follow any logic in the thought process that preceded this.

15 thoughts on “Better Hope That’s Not Cheap Fiber Board

  1. The “condo” I had in UAE had a kitchen with tile walls and floor. It also was designed so that any liquid spill would go down a central drain. During the dusty season our house maid would do this weekly or twice a week to all of the cabinets and wash all contents. She had a hose that would attach to the sink to rinse everything down. During the non-dusty season she did it once a month.

    She would come in about noon, make the beds, wash one of the three rooms dirty clothes, sheets, and towels, vacuum, mop, clean the bathrooms/kitchen, and dust. She ironed all washed clothes – ironed boxers are not comfortable. She would then take a shower and fix us dinner. She was making bank at $75 a week for six days of work a week for the three of us. When she cooked for us she made a double batch to feed her family. She would also leave a weekly shopping list for meals for the next week. It was the only place I ever lived that had a urinal and a “bomb sights” hole in the floor for #2.


  2. The garb indicates she’s a member of one of the LOW IQ portions of society. Probably Fresh Off The Boat and never lived in an ACTUAL house or apartment before.


    • Bingo, fresh off the boat, doesn’t care for the smell of the wetbacks that were there before. Knows the taxpayers are footing the bills.



  3. Holy crapamoly – That musta come from the same parents the spawned the idiots putting the gas hose with bag over the nozzle that clearly says OUT OF ORDER.


  4. The Hmongs around here take the doors off the cabinets, put up wire and keep chickens in the cabinets. Feel for the landlords who get stuck with those 5th century retards.


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