Make ‘Em Work For It

You have to know that one stubborn old man made somebody’s life pretty freaking miserable for a long damn time before it came to this.

Be that guy.

12 thoughts on “Make ‘Em Work For It

  1. I am that guy. Or something like that.
    But that’s a battle I would have walked away from.
    You couldn’t give me that place.

    I just saw my first traffic light in nine months the other day and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.


  2. Wonder where this is……in America the courts use the “Eminent Domain” clause to TAKE your property and give you the $$$ that THEY think it’s worth. You DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE. And if you resist Mr. Badgemonkey gets involved and will do whatever is necessary to evict you…even if that requires BURNING YOU OUT.


  3. What if it came after the road?
    This Is A Valuable Piece of Real Estate! Close to the interstate.
    Show me in the rules I can’t build Here, This Way.
    Most of us wouldn’t, but there’s lots of things people have built that you gotta wonder What were you thinking?


  4. A friend of mine many years ago was offered a very low offer for his house by a local govt. The house had been in the family since the 1870s, and he was pissed about it, but accepted it. He and his family moved out, but he left behind a little “gift” that cost the city several hundred thousand dollars to clean up.
    Several barrels of chemicals used in the production of exotic metals such as beryllium, with plenty of metallic grit mixed in. I believe that there were several gallons of contaminated piranha etch as part of the cocktail.
    He came back to the area some years later(after the statute of limitations had expired) and found that the property was now a Section 8 “paradise”, with open air drug sales and the usual diversity types.
    I’m glad that he didn’t live to see the way the country has gone in the last several years. He died a few years before the Savior from Kenya got into office.

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  5. The House in the Middle of the Street: A car stops beside a house in the middle of a newly built road in Wenling, Zhejiang province, November 22, 2012. An elderly couple refused to sign an agreement to allow their house to be demolished. They say that compensation offered is not enough to cover rebuilding costs, according to local media.

    Someone’s grandparents had connections.


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