Happy Fathers Day

I never had any of my own, I was afraid they would turn out like me and I’ve already inflicted enough misery on the world.

I have helped raise at least 5 of the little varmints though and every one of them turned out to be great adults.

The proudest achievement of my life, I am also very proud of every one of them.

All without beating their little asses like I got my whole childhood.

I guess it can be done after all eh?

So if you are someone’s Daddy then my hat is off to ya, it can be a challenge but if they turn out alright then you have done a great service to man kind.

In other news, the Shit Show continues at break neck speed around here.

The Mother In Law fell in the kitchen last night and they wound up packing her off.

Broke her Tibia and is going to need surgery but was having difficulty breathing so they stuck her in ICU to try and get that stabilized. That’s the last update I got.

It’s supposed to be 97 fucking degrees around these parts today. I am heading back over to my Mom’s place for a while to continue with the fiasco of getting the joint cleaned out, my boy and Grandson are supposed to show up around here at some point so we can play with the Man Toys and then I have to be at work at 6 until 2 AM.

Apparently I scored a huge win with the Man Toy idea. The Grandson talks about it all the time.

Plant the seed eh?

That’s good. I’m looking forward to it myself and I think I’m going to tell him that this Mini Lathe is going to be his when I kick the bucket.

That will give him something to remember me by for sure.

Enjoy your day fellas, I have to hit the road.

13 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day

  1. I don’t care what you say, if you helped raise five into good adults, YOU Sir qualify a father and a damn fine one. I adopted three and they are wonderful people and parents. As you said, my proudest achievement in life. Happy Fathers Day, Phil.


  2. One time my kids and I were discussing one of their buddies who had a stepfather who did a really great job with him. I pointed out to the kids that he wasn’t really the Dad and they looked at me like I was stupid and said “The Dad is the one who acts like a Dad!” Fatherhood is a lab test. Dad is a title that you have to earn from kids. So happy fathers day.


  3. May your dreams be of flying chips. What was said above, over and over. All we can truly give them is our time. Good on ya.


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