NOW The Plate Is Full

Over at my Mom’s house almost all day sorting through crap and throwing bunches of it out, moving furniture around etc and only having one donut to eat all day, because stitches in muh mouf and shit.

Come home fucking exhausted and take a nap in the recliner. Wake up, get up and go in the kitchen. Find the little bowls of Dinty Moore Beef Stew, heat a couple up and finally eat something.

Sitting here minding my own business and the house phone rings.

It’s the Wifely Unit’s Mom, 35 miles away.

80 years old and in failing health. The Mom tells The Wife that she took a tumble in the kitchen because her legs let go. The Dad, who has Altzheimers, helps her up and gets her into the bathroom because she needs to go. Now she can’t get off the toilet and her legs “Feel Funny”.


WTF you think we can do from THIRTY FIVE MILES AWAY?!

Jesus Christ.

Get that message across. I tell the Wife that either her or one of her sisters is going to have to go over there and take care of the Dad until we find out what the hell is going on with her Mom because he can’t hardly take care of himself alone, the Wife not being there confuses him and he can’t hit his ass with either hand.

Now The Wifely Unit is in a tizzy, running around here like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to gather up a bunch of shit with no warning so she can pack up our oldest boy to go over there and take care of the Dad.

I still have to go back to my Moms and finish going through shit because the Dumpster is only going to be there so long, plus I have to go back to work tomorrow night at 6 until 2.

There isn’t a cloud in the sky and it is just pouring.

18 thoughts on “NOW The Plate Is Full

  1. Aw, shit.
    Sorry, Phil. I really hope MIL did not have a stroke.
    Apart from the dumpster, do you have any time constraints on dealing with your Mom’s house? If not, maybe let the great sorting slide? Let us help with the costs of extra time on the dumpster — just say the word. You’re not going to be any good to your wife, your inlaws, or yourself, if you get fucked up from being exhausted.

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  2. sorry bout the in-laws.
    if ya ain’t figured it out yet, old folks getting teeth pulled is like a kid getting his tonsils out…
    ya can eat all the ice cream and milk shakes ya want, and nobody will fault ya.


  3. You do have the right attitude. I second the motion that you’re no good to anyone else if you melt down. So take care of yourself first, and then prioritize the sh*tshow list and take it from the top. Good luck.
    I’ve always had a good head for crisis management, but then I’ve had formal lessons in such. It was called pilot training: The passenger behind you is barfing down your neck, the engines on fire, but you FLY THE PLANE FIRST. ALWAYS. Get it back on the ground in a condition to walk away from, and THEN deal with the next item on the list.


  4. Life is a shitshow sometimes. My dad used to say sometimes you just gotta tough it out. That’s what you are doing now. Gonna be 106 again here today in central valley calif. I think tomorrow we cool down to 102, I’ll take that.


  5. Like a surfer on the end of the board, hang in there ’til your shorts rip up the back!
    Ya got a lot of people rootin’ and prayin’ for ya.


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