10 thoughts on “Lest Anyone Forget What An Absolute Hypocrite Joe Biden Is

  1. Agree with everything he said, but let’s not close our eyes to the fact this is not limited to one race. While prevalent in one particular segment of our population to a greater degree than most, all need the same outcome. Until we all get off our ass’s and do something about it, it’s only going to get worse. Our Government is not going to help.


  2. He’s always been a nasty piece of work. Even now, in his feeble, fogged out state, he snaps like a rabid dog at any perceived slight. No sympathy for however his reign of terror ends.


  3. Juneteenth is also the date on which Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were hung for treason. That’s the only reason I’ll celebrate this made-up ‘holiday’.

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  4. This ignorant sumbitch comrade beijing slo jo has been nothing but a puppet his entire life. He will mouth whatever someone tell him to mouth when they tell him to do it. At present I believe it’s comrade obumbfuk & company. behind it


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