Damn, it’s kinda hard to eat with a bunch of stitches in your mouth but I was freaking hungry this morning. The Wifely Unit is over at her Mom’s so I am on my own. After pondering the issue for a moment I solved the problem nicely.

As soon as I get around the outside of that I’m off to my Mom’s place to start sorting through a house full of crap.

17 thoughts on “FOODS!

  1. I’m in the same boat, sort of. According to my dentist, I ‘sprained’ the ligaments on a few teeth.

    Hurts like hell. Even those eggs hurt.

    I’m about to go out and buy some boost.


    • I heard about this a couple months ago and it’s just now getting traction. You gotta know Joe Chi Minh and his handlers are shitting bricks and are probably trying to figure out how to make it look like an accident as I type.


      • In a hurry, hungry and grainy old bastard I can see that. I am partial to their sausage McMuffians in the morn and will order two and my own coffee, can’t stand Mcd’y’s coffee.


  2. I was working nights at McDonalds while going to school when they introduced breakfast and I worked breakfast on the weekends. Those eggs have a lot of butter in them buts that’s probably just the ticket of you’ve been starving. The funny thing is that I remember the times when I was going to school all day and flipping burgers all night and then later fixing airplanes all day and going to school at night as good times. I try to remember that those kids working at McD’s were me once upon a time and at least they have a job. Who knows where it will lead. I think I went off on a tangent. Again. Hope the tooth feels better!


  3. Just read the Vox pottili… you sure commenced a panty twist butt hurt over there. So they sound so cock sure and proud they learned how to do stuff on their own. We are to be impressed? Many times I have tried to teach the younger g-g-g generations some skills. Not even interested, faces and thumbs stuck in the sailed fones, or busy chilling with their as worthless friends and having promising careers in coffee bars and wanna be computer execs.


  4. before my dad passed, i used to makes him eggs and lunchmeat scramble. chopped up different
    types of meat and scramble it in with eggs. just to get food into him, he was a old hard ass like you.
    had the meat sliced real thin and chopped it up begore mixing with eggs. it worked for a while before he went into a home. at least there he did eat. passed in his sleep a long time ago.
    ensure will work, but you end up shitting bricks when you do. i added lots of olive oil to my
    cooking to help with that problem never told me about how it worked. just mom.
    i found peanut butter on a spoon will help with the weight loss. had a chunk cut out of my jaw
    a couple of years back, same problem it does take a while to get over and back to the new normal way of eating. pain meds will make you not want to eat as well- don’t ask.
    so, try the peanut butter on a spoon, it easy to take and go down. but you get real tired of it
    after a couple of days,,


  5. Watermelon requires little chewing, as does cantelope. Jello, pudding and the like for a couple days to let your gums heal. Slim fast with whole milk is nutritional and filling…pancakes swimming in butter and maple syrup ought to be soft enough.
    I feel your pain, bro’. been there.


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