Oh, Yay

I’m fixing to get cleaned up so I can go to one of my least favorite places on Earth.

I had a huge filling fall out of one of the last of the lower molars I still have a couple of months ago and it has been killing my ass for at least the last month so I finally broke down and went and saw the dentist lady a couple weeks ago.

All they did at that point was take pictures of my whole head, one tooth at a time.

It must have taken at least ten minutes.

I have no idea what skullduggerey they have in store for me today but if they don’t want to pull that tooth then I am getting out of the chair and finding someone who will.

I have been going through a tube of tooth ache gel every damned day for a while now and I’m tired of it.


Just as I thought. When I got here they had me scheduled for a deep cleaning. I immediately told them that they were going to be changing their plans and doing an extraction.. Low and behold it’s not just the one tooth that’s fucked up, they are to have to yank the last two molars I have left on the bottom. I am sitting the damn chair right now as I type, waiting for the novacaine to work.

Also, BTW, I showed the dentist lady that picture of the chair at the top and told her that is EXACTLY what going to the dentist is like for me.

13 thoughts on “Oh, Yay

  1. As an endodontist (now retired T.G. after ~ 45 years) I always got a call, usually on Fridays @ 1600 (sometimes as an emergency on Saturdays @ 0730) an “individual” who’d tell me, “Hey Doc. I got this tooth that’s been killin’ me the whole d’d week. Can you get in me in?”
    BTW, there’s always root canal work and a crown – like da ho, I haven’t been to Europe yet either.

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    • And as a former mobile service technician, I’ve heard the “It’s been acting up all week, can you be here in thirty minutes?” line (Usually from Bank of America) on more than one occasion.

      That’s why I don’t miss being a mobile service technician.


  2. Hey, Phil, get the spec sheet from the dentist lady. Then fabricate some stainless steel or brass choppers for her to emplace. You could end up with a rack like that ‘Jaws’ character in the Roger Moore versions of the James Bond franchise.


  3. Good luck, pal. Last time I had an extraction (messy, not simple) I had em to knock my ass out. Hurt like a bitch for about 10 days.


  4. I’m currently in the chair at my dentist, waiting to get comfortably numb so that he can finish this root canal.
    Hope your experience goes well.


  5. I went to the dentist to get a tooth pull’ he said that he could save the tooth. I ask him how much would be he said $1200 I then ask him how to pull it .and he said I can save it that it was agood tooth .I told him I give him what ever the price of pulling the tooth and he could what ever with the tooth. he pull the tooth!!!


  6. Ugh, hope it goes smoothly and with less pain than you have been dealing with.
    I have more fillings than teeth at this point.
    Guarantee they are going to put you on the list for a complete set of titanium post mounted dentures if you don’t watch out.


  7. I got implants on the roof of my mouth and I am soooo thankful. If you can get uppers, or lowers for $10,000, do it. There is no better place to spend your money. And stop the damned smoking. Sheesh. The money you save will pay for the teeth.


    • I was gonna say to you about implants, most people’s upper maxilla (upper jaw bone) is not deep enough due to the maxillary sinuses protruding down to just above the tooth root ceiling and not having enough bone structure to hold the base of the post or cylinder. But, then you got snarky about his smoking ( I don’t smoke) and spending his money and you lost any credibility. I don’t fight Phil’s battles but I don’t care for shit posting like that so BFYTW.


      • C,
        an”implantologist” (not the hit man kind) will add bone to those areas having insufficient depth/thickness
        bone will literally fuse/bond to “nascent” (without an oxidized layer) titanium, a process now called “osseointegration” (unless there are certain medical problems) so while length is important (as in lever arm), it may not be as important as most people think it is


        • I’ve had a fake tooth built on a post up in front since 1978. Half of the crown sheared off a few years ago but that post is plainly visible in the X Rays and it goes up in there a ways. As you mention, every single time the subject of implants comes up, Bone Grafts are always the first thing they talk about.


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