My Manhood Is Slipping?

Don’t know how to call the chances of this one popping up while I was scrolling through a bunch of Youtubes but there it was.

Now I’m here to tell you that I have tried pulling some of my own teeth in the past and it ain’t happening. It always comes down to my gums sticking to the outside of the tooth and if the tooth goes, so does a big old hunk of gum material.

Cue the dentist with a big old shot of novacaine. Even they usually wind up ripping hunks of gum loose.

I guess I’m just not such a tough guy anyway, at least not like Phil Robertson’s dad was.

11 thoughts on “My Manhood Is Slipping?

  1. I’ve done that with a Loose tooth many moons ago. An old guy once told me about an old dude who worked on the railroad would just grab a railroad flare, which looks like a stick of dynamite with a 2 inch nail out the bottom end, stick that nail under a troublesome tooth and pop it out.
    Simple extractions only. Yours would not have popped out that way of course.


  2. Phil, I can see you in Phil Robertson and back where he calls from, knowing of your roots and I say I am not man enough to take a pair of pliers to a tooth, but back then ya almost had no choice or money for such foolish things as docs and dentists…


  3. I hate doctors, more than once i’ve taken out my own stitches rather go back to the doc for it.

    Hardest ones to do were the 6 stitches in my scrotum. Pulling the cut stitch through the flesh is a unique and disconcerting feeling.


    • That is uncommon to suture the scrotum tissue as it is tissue that doesn’t take to suturing. I had a benign cyst removed from my right testicle and it was left open (40% removed) to heal from the inside out. it was packed with steri-tape everyday and had to wear two maxi pads in two jock straps to keep from leaking all over everything. I have an appreciation for what women go through…


      • Two layers of stiches, internal dissolving and external non dissolving.

        That was after the vasectimi reversal.

        The only set i didn’t take out myself was the ones on my back after they cut out the cancer. The wife did that one for me.


  4. On occasion I listen to his podcast they are good. On another note Phil I was back at Irish’s place and wanted to see more pics of Linda Vaughn and this came up.

    Its probably the drink but I chuckled anyway.


  5. Worked with old boy toughest man I’ve ever known. Pull own teeth with channel locks. Showed up on jobsight wearing one of those cheap brown jersey cotton glove on one hand. He said he was stealing propane for his pickup and somebody approach. Burned the shit out of hand. ‘Bout make me blow grits. Never a wimper.


  6. I had no choice, I was still a kid staining furniture in Houston while I tried to find an offshore company that would hire me and, couldn’t get any time off. I worked from Christmas to Easter that year with not one single day off.

    I had an abscessed bottom wisdom tooth, hurt so bad I was taking a whole bottle of advil daily to keep me upright at work. One night I had enough, drank a bottle of whiskey, grabbed my channel lock pliers and started pulling and it sobered me right up. Drank down another half bottle and this time the pliers crushed the rotted half above the gum line, which was a tremendous relief!

    Couldn’t get time off before, but the next day ironically the boss sent me home early with pay. Guess I was so loud and drunk, he probably figured it was only a matter of time before I punched him in his face.

    Fast forward many moons. My wife and I are watching lefty loon Tom Hanks in just about the dumbest movie I had seen to that date where he crash lands on a deserted Island and proceeds to do absolutely nothing for four solid years!

    They only part I could relate to at all was when he knocked his own tooth out with a skate, I was like, yeah finally! Maybe now soy boy will get off his sorry butt and build himself a shelter.


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