14 thoughts on “Buh Bye Now!

  1. The boy and the equipment would have to be scrubbed and sanitized had I been forced on that, you wouldn’t know what explosive diarrhea was. You can’t get me on a slow moving Ferris Wheel…


  2. WTF was that? I can tell what is is not – not a bungee jump, not a cable run (well maybe it was supposed to be and it broke) and if a 500 yard swing, where is the pivot point and where does the seated person end up? .


  3. In New Zealand currency, the big swing ride is 157 of whatever they use.
    About us$114.
    No mention of replacement bloomers.


  4. Looks like fun. G force junky, Mike. 70 and still riding an ’83 Honda 250r 3 wheeler. Nobody has accused me of being real smart, but I do heal quick.


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