It always makes my day to see the results of miscalculations with video goodness so I can play them over and over.

Like this one.

18 thoughts on “Yassssss

  1. not from the deep end of the gene pool by any means. but this is what we get when we have warning labels on everything. time to stop that and left nature work as it will.
    the bible says the meek will inherit the earth, not so sure about that as it seems like the stupid is
    gaining ground way too fast. I think george carlin had a few idea’s about that.

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  2. I have done some crazy shit when I was younger and nobody could double dog dare me cuz’ I would, But, I would not do a stupid stunt like this. I believe Johno when younger had done this and that is why he is the way he is today…

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  3. Sandy, I once saw the critically acclaimed nursing documentary Nubile Naughty Nurses. Quite good, it being eclipsed only by Nurses Get Nekkid. Why is it, this fascination and fetish that some blokes have for (female, no Cederqs welcome!) nurses, do you think? The discriminating readers at Phil’s blog would certainly watch a biopic along the lines of say; Night Nurse Randy Sandy, even with just the one person starring. I reckon that the blog would then need it’s own server to handle all the downloads. Oh, and no need to mention this to the Marine, but if you do, then my name is Deathray, via North Bumfuck, Alaska.


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