9 thoughts on “Time For Something Uplifting And Cheerful

  1. Everybody wants god to return to sort things out….

    God comes back and sees what we have done, and thinks to himself….

    Fire, this time I will use fire.


  2. That there is why I distill my tap water at home. After you see the surprising volume of fine crud left over from the distilling process that makes it past charcoal filters, you probably won’t turn back.

    My favorite cheerful and uplifting Ron White vid:

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    • Damn I had forgotten how funny that guy is!
      I have some shit to do today but when I get home I am going to finish watching that, again.
      Freakin’ hilarious.
      “My dick has ears”…..

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  3. Someone set up a club,conveniently,between his home and his job and started open Mic night. Some co-workers went and told him
    Ron,you’re funnier than they are go try it. He wrote a four minute show and that was the beginning.
    Watched his Phil in the blanks interview with Dr.Phil,after several YouTube videos of him on stage. Dude is a frikkin Hoot.


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