They Aren’t Telling You Something Because They Are Petrified

This is very interesting and quite frightening at the same time.

Go watch this video over at Der Kamerad’s place.

A multi national employment recruiter is saying the entire Gas and Oil Industry is quietly gearing up to replace about HALF of their workforce within the next 3 years.

Go watch this and find out why.

15 thoughts on “They Aren’t Telling You Something Because They Are Petrified

  1. Any more info on this? Who this lady is, her credentials, and anything to corroborate what she claims? I’d like to share this but also corroborating material.

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    • I only saw this because I followed his blog. I think it would take some serious investigation to track that woman’s identity down to tell you the truth.


  2. On the one hand:

    This is entirely possible.

    On the other:

    This is not “a multinational oil & gas recruiter”. It is a woman DESCRIBING herself as a multinational oil & gas recruiter. What is her name? What is the name of her firm? What third-party-verifiable data is there about what she does and the volume and type of business she does? What evidence is there that this isn’t an aspiring film star engaging in hobbyism in her back yard?

    The video does not demonstrate that oil & gas executives are planning on replacing half their workforce. It demonstrates that this woman is making the CLAIM that they are doing so. Are they doing anything of the sort? Are they making contingency plans in case of bad outcomes without actually expecting to need them? Are they making other plans that she is describing inaccurately and/or dishonestly? What are the verifiable specifics?

    There are none, of course.

    It’s worth noting. It’s worth filing away and keeping an eye out for supporting evidence from other quarters. But until such evidence appears, this video looks more like Qtard-style fearmongering than anything else, it’s not something to use as a governing principle for any action you take.


    • In fact, thinking about it a little bit more, I’m going to strengthen my language.

      This video is clearly bullshit.

      Hiring and training someone is an expense. A new employee doesn’t start paying off for a while – the more skilled the position, the longer it takes. Replacing half a multinational corporation’s workforce over the course of 3 years is a gigantic expense. If these executives seriously believed they would need to do this, they would be moving heaven and earth trying to delay or prevent covid shots for their workforces. They’re not doing that.

      Ergo, they have no such expectation, and she is making stuff up to get attention.

      Which, seeing as how she’s a woman, should surprise precisely nobody.

      (all of which has zero bearing on possible long-term negative consequences of the covid shot, which are still entirely possible. But not as verifiably known and immediate as she wants you to think.)

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      • I was observing some tells from her, she was looking down and to the left of her. Doing that is an indication of fabrication, (lying) and she was nervously rolling and fidgeting with her hands. Her first tell was describing why she got out of a highly specialized field of nursing trying to gain some sympathy. What does one have to do with the other? I don’t care of her personal loss as related to the story she is trying to tell, it is not relevant. I don’t like emotional blackmail or manipulation. She wasn’t dressed professionally as an “Executive” and it was seemly video taped in her back yard. You have to project a demeanor to gain some credibility.


        • I do work for a big O&G company. I call BS, we are going to have an issue in the next few years and are looking at / creating succession plans. We started doing this in 2018 when it was identified that 25% of our staff were planning on returing in the next 5 years. Last year saw a bunch of early retirements, stress leave and people who delayed retirement… all because of covid.

          Looking at my department, other than me, its mostly younger guys so less of an issue but most of the department heads are over 60 and senior people are mostly over 55.



      • “Which, seeing as how she’s a woman, should surprise precisely nobody.”
        I believe we will be hearing from a certain lady about this statement. Please hold on to your seat.

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      • ‘…drama-queen, she is female, surprises nobody…’
        I long admonished everybody:
        * fire every woman from any occupation outside the home.
        And most females have no business operating motorized vehicles or any equipment beyond the complexity of a sewing-machine or oven.
        Put ’em on an allowance, dutifully administer spankings to maintain discipline.
        Do I have your attention?

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  3. As a self admitted toxicly masculine misogynist, i am sceptical based on her face and cup size I dont think she has what it takes to make the leap from nurse to exeutive in a totally unrelated field.


  4. Looks like the lady started her own “head hunter” business. Not uncommon. She sorta’ blows herself up to give credibility to the situation. Take into consideration her perspective after being involved with healtcare. She may be full of carranga. (That’s Indian for Buffalo Shit.) It’s interesting so it gives us another window to watch out of.


  5. Fear Mongering? Woman does not give her name. So no way to verify anything. “An executive in a recruiting firm for the oil and gas industry” is what she claims to be. Doesn’t really look like any sort of executive I’ve ever met (and I’ve met quite a few before I retired), even when on their “down time”.

    And the obviously foreign language text in the url does not lend itself to make this tik tok video believable. (is that Cyrillic ? Greek? Who the heck knows)

    Yet people will see this and believe it without question. “It’s on the internet, it must be true!”


  6. the thrust of the video is that the unvax will render people dead. most people who take it are “loyal footsoldiers”. i am not inclined to doubt that cabal wants experienced knowledgeable people dead. especially if they are wypipo.


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