Coffee And Critters

I got woke up by the damn phone again this morning, of course. For the first time in recent memory I was on track to get more that the 4 to 6 hours of sleep I seem to have only been getting for the last several months.

So I staggered into the kitchen without my glasses on and proceeded to nuke a cup of yesterdays coffee while I went and took care of business.

After the DING of the timer went off I grabbed my crap and headed out back under the umbrella to fall into one of the stadium chairs and proceed to light up a smoke.

My daily ritual when it isn’t pouring rain.

As I was sitting there staring off into space trying to get my shit together, I kept seeing something move out of the corner of my eye.

Something TINY.

It was hauling ass too, whatever it was.

I would get a little glimpse of a red molecule with many legs buzzing back and forth along the metal rim of the glass table. I’m not joking when I say it was moving out, it took me two solid minutes of trying to keep the little bastard in my view finder to get a picture.

Blurry because they are action shots, it would’t hold still.

There was two of ’em.

For scale, this dinky little Aphid strolled by too and they didn’t pay it the slightest attention, probably because it was too big for them to attack.

That is the glass table top, notice the individual grains in it.

So life goes on day to day, completely ignoring and oblivious to whatever the hell Kim Kardashion is or isn’t wearing.

I think maybe we should take that perspective ourselves.

14 thoughts on “Coffee And Critters

  1. I focus on that stuff a lot. Big picture too as in Astronomy Pic of the Day. Got to give the brain a rest from the buttheads we seem to be surrounded by. And I don’t even watch TV or read ‘news’.
    I can’t imagine how people watching that crap everyday get by.


  2. I was way out in the back country away from humanity and was watching a hawk in a tree watching for prey. It occurred to me that the hawk was unaware of the existence of humanity and didn’t give a fuck. Don’t know if you or your readers are into poetry but Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes is a good one.


    • A few years ago I was walking through a sort of park area next to a Boston subway/trolley stop. A redtail had caught a pigeon and was sitting on a branch over the pedestrian walkway. The hawk set about plucking the pigeon, and bits of feathers and blood were showering the office-worker commuters below. Some young women screamed in horror, which set everyone else off. The hawk ignored the hysterical monkeys below and kept on its business. I was in a hurry as usual, but actually stopped for a couple of minutes to enjoy the people watching.

      Thanks for the pointer to the Hughes poem. On hawk-themed poems, I’m partial to Robinson Jeffers’ “Hurt Hawks”.

      In other Jeffers poems, “The stars go over the lonely ocean” written circa WW2, has words relevant to today.

      “The world’s in a bad way, my man,
      And bound to be worse before it mends
      Keep clear of the dupes that talk democracy
      And the dogs that talk revolution,
      Drunk with talk, liars and believers.
      I believe in my tusks.
      Long live freedom and damn the ideologies,”


      • Mike_C, you are casting pearls before swine… I am going to look up and read Robinson Jeffers works. I know of him but never had read his stuff. I like these types of masculine poems. “Long live freedom and damn the ideologies,” I have been living that without knowing. I believe in the united States, not the United States. That signifies that we are a whole nation, not the fifty nations the original founders and writers of the Constitution set forth. I do not owe my allegiance to america, I owe my allegiance to the state I am a Citizen in.


  3. We have something like that here in MI and they were also in my old home country ( in Spanish we call them “bicho colorado” Sounds like beechoh colorado same as the state) which translates loosely to red bug. Looks like a tiny spider (barely larger than a pencil dot on a page) and they move fast. I detest them as they do bite, not lethal. A good fog bomb in the shed every couple of years keeps them out for a while.


  4. Say there Mister… You got me worried a bit. Any “sleep aids” or such before going horizontal? I know you somewhat close to Portland .(comparatively) Maybe it’s in the wind.


      • I am 65 and have a good deal of back issues (arthritis and scoliosis). What I have found that helps a good deal is to take an extra-strength Tylenol at bedtime, then one more halfway through the night when I get up to pee. It actually helps me a great deal to sleep. Tamps down some of the background aches and seems to let me sleep more deeply. Give it a try.


  5. Ah-so, Mr. Phil. Prease to ask Mr. Cederq to park honourable Chevy undercover in daytime? Our surveillance satellite see SFA over Arkansas, as bumper bar too shiny! P.R.C. Political Prisoner Rehabilitation Dept. preased to offer top deal on transplant organs of choice! Super fresh, Uigyrh prisoner no longer need any of them.


  6. Cederq, I think that your Chevy’s reflection may be provocative to the Chicoms, blinding them in their secret moonbase and spying satellites, in any state that you’re in. The bastard Chicoms must be manipulating the weather here in far north Qld, 33C/92F today, in the middle of winter! If you won’t shop for body parts off them, I may, might start off with a young buck’s bladder and two good eyes.


  7. Look up into the tree, and you’ll see those things gathered on the underside of the leaves. II get ’em every year, and simply spray the the tree from the bottom up to get rid of the little bastids.


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