Something You Will Never See Again

It’s still clean.

You won’t see that ever again.

The thing is, how do I put this, “Functional” again.

It is far from being done at this point but I did stick a hunk of bar stock in it, dug around and found a POS hand ground cutter bit that was so dull that I could hear it rubbing on the work piece and proceeded to do a function check.

It will make chips at this point but that is about as far as I am going to go with that.

I still have to go through that pile of scrap they call a compound, still have to strip down and repaint the chip tray, build a stand, finish dialing in the compound and about twenty other little items but as I said, it will make chips again.

I will say that I am kind of proud of myself that it turned out so pretty. More the shame that I am going to ruin it’s good looks but I don’t own Bench Queens.

Never have and never will.

They are tools and they were made to work. When you work, you get dirty. End of story.

No amount of shining and polishing is going to keep this thing pretty.

Oil, dirty hands and greasy chips flying all over will have it grungy and dirty in no time.

I’m fine with that.

If it’s sitting there all pretty that means it hasn’t been working.

Now that it is mostly together I can start cleaning up the huge freaking mess that went right along with this project.

Between that and moving stuff all over last weekend, right off the top of my head I know that there are parts, fasteners, tooling, extra chucks and everything that goes with this lathe scattered all over that damn garage.

I can think of at least nine different drawers in six different tool boxes that has something that goes with this lathe in it right this minute.

But it’s come a long way since I started this upgrade and I think I am going to be happier than a clam at high tide when I finally get it all dialed in.

16 thoughts on “Something You Will Never See Again

  1. Amazing job, Phil! I have no problem with any of my tools showing signs of use. That’s why I bought them!
    Just take a few glamour shots of it before it covered in chips and slimey oil!

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  2. very nice ! I do hope it makes you happy in the coming years as you learn more about using it.
    seems like after turning stuff on and off over the last 50 years i am still learning new ways to do
    things with my 2 lathes. although only one is set up to run right now. seems like there always
    something else to do or fix. one thing i found to be handy is one of those mag lens and light combo’s makes reading the dials a LOT easier to read with older eyes.

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  3. Excellent job Sir! Tools are made to work and quite frankly, they get a bit testy if they are not used. They will go off and hide themselves and you will always be looking or them!!

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  4. It does look pretty and I can see the door to the house, proud of you son for keeping the tide of human detritus from engulfing your work space. Can’t wait to see the first true project come off of that! And it is happier then a clam in an oyster bed…

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  5. Hot Damn thats clean. I’d be afeared of using it, get it all dirty & icky and crude up. But ya gotta remember, after the first splatter and ding , the novelty of clean wears off right quick.

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  6. Out in my shop I have a Dalton 6 lathe about 100 years old that I have had for about 35 years and still use to fix my old farm equipment. Just imagine that in about 100 years some guy might still be using yours to fix up something old not invented yet.. —ken

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