My Man Card Is Safe

Sometime last week when I was messing around with this stupid Mini Lathe upgrade, I was attempting to put all the electronics and the switches back into the control panel after I had painted it.

Thinking myself to be somewhat Un Retarded, I figured I would outsmart my stupid ass for once and took multiple pictures of how it was all put together, BEFORE I took it apart, so I could slap it all back together without a bunch of hassle.


I ran into their little trick of them somehow soldering the wires to the illuminated ON/OFF switch and had to cut them.

I thought I had that covered by taking the pictures AND marking the wires that weren’t numbered.

I get most of it back together until I get to this switch. I then discover that I didn’t get the right Angle of the Dangle with my pictures and can’t see some of the wires that go to one of the terminals, the fuse holder is right in the way. On top of that, I tried to De Solder the little spade terminals on the switch after I got it out to be able to get the actual wire off the terminal so I could just use crimped on female spade terminals and just slide them on.

Typically this quickly turned to disaster when I got the middle terminal too damned hot and it partially melted something inside the switch, rendering it useless.

Off to the internets I go, without completely thinking through this problem as you will see.

Five bucks and three days later I get the new switch, that’s when I discovered my photography skills suck ass.

I probably spent a half an hour looking but I finally found the wiring diagram, at the same place I ordered the switch from, The Little Machine Shop.

Long story short, I finally managed to get the new switch wired in and it actually works.

Now for the Paul Harvey Moment.

The Rest Of The Story.

The same day the switch finally showed up, a small dim light came on.



I’m sure you all have one of these laying around somewhere, yes?



Oh this gets even better.

I was just out in the garage fooling with this thing again and was going through a couple more envelopes from that outfit getting some decals out that I had ordered.

The one the switch had come in was sitting on top so I snatched it up and stuck my hand in it to see if there was something else in there I had missed.

Here comes the Face Palm part and why I say my Man Card is safe.

Look what I found.

It came out of the envelope like that, allow me to tell you what it says,


Complete with pictures and detailed instructions,


The very same damn wiring diagram that I spent a half an hour looking for On Line!

So in typical Man Fashion I snagged the switch out of the envelope and threw everything else down.

Because we don’t need no stinking instructions.



15 thoughts on “My Man Card Is Safe

  1. Something I heard, on a regular basis, from my dad – using a sarcastic tone of voice – was ‘if at first you don’t succeed, read the instructions’. He was a big believer in using your brain to make work easier and less stressful.

    Liked by 1 person

        • I will have you know I was a mean old ass before I moved here… aaannd I am going back to Idaho the last week of September. So I will be closer and be more of a pain in the ass for ya’ll. Since moving here I had a series of MRIs and the right kidney has to come out and a deep vein in my left leg has to be removed also, I told them to cut the damn thing off.


  2. A fuse in the neutral?

    I’ll admit I mostly work on vehicle electrics so I’m DC-biased but I seem to recall fusing the neutral on AC to be Not A Good Thing(TM).


  3. Read directions, un-male-American. Fuck that. Phil pretty sure you already had your lifetime irrevocable man card from what I have seen. Still working on mine.


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