4 thoughts on “Standard Equipment

  1. Get your facts straight. It should read “Pansies, Trolls and ‘Progressives’ are……..” Quit repeating that stupid 1932 FDR lie, for Heaven’s Sake.


  2. I promised my boys that they’d leave the house with two things, at minimum. A hunter safety card, and the ability to drive stick. It was difficult to find one, but very cheap. They both love it.


  3. More and more, having a stick is turning out to be no joke, very few kids can drive a stick.

    I impressed the snot out of my son when I showed him I could get the car moving no matter what gear I started in. He learned how to feather a clutch. (I learned this trick out of necessity when I had to drive home from the drag races with one or more gears shot. Also learned how to drive it when there was NO clutch – a bit trickier, but doable!)


  4. I made sure both my boys could drive a stick. One learned to drive in my Mazda truck and the other in my Mitsi convertible. I told them “Congratulations. You can now do something that only 1% of your friends can do. If you continue in driving manuals you will essentially immune yourself from carjackings.”


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