8 thoughts on “Some People Just Have To Learn The Hard Way

  1. I got to see this once in downtown Kansas City. Woman parked illegally in a no-parking Zone, Cadillac of course, public bus came by right as she threw the door open, bent the door back and the bus just kept on driving, the woman stood there slack-jawed just staring after the bus. Instant Karma, baby!


  2. I actually had a guy in a Monte Carlo suddenly pull over, abruptly swing his door open, and start to jump out. I was on the binders as fast as I could, but you should have seen what my ’57 Chebbie did to his door. I came screaming out, took a look at MY bumper, looked the jackass in the eyes and said, “It’s a good thing you didn’t hurt my bumper!!”
    Got in and drove off. Never looked back. I’m sure it totaled his Monte Carlo…

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  3. Back ins the day hauling heavy equip around the country it was especially nice when I could perform this little action on dumbfuks that simply refused to look before opening a door into the path of a 9 axle hauling a D-8 with a 12ft wide blade using pilot cars and everything lit up like a Christmas tree

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