7 thoughts on “I’m Guessing Maybe You Shouldn’t Oughtta Have Parked There?

  1. That video was a bit longer. The moron actually tried physical violence with the fork truck. ahhaa

    I love how he’s taking video on his phone too. Things get tight, these people won’t make it a week.


  2. I usually just put the baling spike through the radiator. Then leave it. They get a few miles before they realise, most are so dim witted they end up seizing the engine.


  3. My dad had rancher friend loosing cattle. Rancher digging stock tank in a draw to catch rain. Went to location and found rustlers’ vehicles and stock trailer hidden in excavation. Rancher covered all with dozer. Crooks rode up on horses about time he finished. They left. Nothing said.


  4. Just can’t teach Millenials anything useful.

    They either learn real quick or they die. And, when the balloon goes up, they’ll be dying in large lots.


  5. With the way these younger generation have been acting the last 20 years, ya’ll over about 50 may just want to think real hard about living an extra long time cause the way these assfuks are acting with their Lenin coming out of the halls of so called higher education centers and the pcrap taught in public indoctrination centers, survivability of the human species is gonna have to skip a generation , maybe two. So with that said. we be in deep kimchi bubba….


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