Round Two…. So Far

While I was screwing around at the “Transfer Station” earlier, getting rid of the crap from kicking a hole in the garage to make a walk way last weekend and dumping off that damn canopy, the Nephew was busy with the electric trimmers.

About an hour, hour and a half to knock this down and load it up.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg around here.

That load of yard debris cost me $18.50 to get rid of.

Compared to the $23 to get rid of half a truckload of crap PLUS that damn canopy at the dump.

It’s a racket, I’m tellin’ ya.

Because the kid was in a hurry to get back to wherever he came from or wherever he is going, I can’t keep up with him, there is still a huge freakin’ mess of shit that needs to be raked up on top of the load of busted up concrete and shit from the Great Gate Post Fiasco that needs to be loaded up and hauled off.

We told him to just cut down as much as he could while he was here and “WE”, meaning “I”, will clean up the rest of it.

Gotta love it.

7 thoughts on “Round Two…. So Far

  1. When I lived in Corvallis, everyone dumped their crap in the river outside the dump. I just put it in my recycling bin. You know, the blue one that’s 4x the size of the garbage can. Yeah, I didn’t get along w/ those hippies up there!

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    • Nope.
      I’m tellin’ ya, it’s quite the racket. They chop that stuff up, let it sit for a while and then turn around and charge even more for it as Compost material.
      They are making money off both ends of that racket.


      • My NorCal county had two free weekends in the last two months that allowed residents to dump any amount of green waste for free. It was the county’s way of encouraging people to create more defensive space or clean their property to help reduce the fire hazard. The place that’s accepting the material is at an old sawmill site and they’ll be making compost out of the material with a tub grinder. Then the compost will be free to the public.

        They won’t accept loads with Scotch Broom and/or Poison Oak, for good reason.

        There may be grant funding involved, I’m not sure. But if there is it’s a good cause, one of the few gov’t programs I can get behind.

        Your right, Phil. You’re getting hosed. $18.50 is outrageous.


  2. When my brother finished college, the family helped him move across state to his new job. He lived in one of the worst shitlib districts and moved to a slightly less smelly cesspool. Anyhoo, during one of the many dump runs we got to arguing about the recycling racket and I told him they charge you more and it goes in the same hole in the ground. He was adamant that the green weenie agenda was legit and I was wrong, blah, blah, blah. Then we got to the drop off and he asked the attendant where to take his carefully sorted recycling. He was told to throw it in the dumpster with the junk because they were too busy to sort and separate the various items to recycle them. I found this quite amusing and made sure to inquire if it was indeed all going in the same hole in the ground. The dump monkey confirmed it. My Brother was seething. He would not make eye contact the whole way home.


  3. I pay $520 a year for weekly trash pickup here in Central Mass. The trash company offers recycling, pickup a day early, for half price. One day I was near the big landfill where all the trash goes so I followed the “recycling” truck and saw all the carefully sorted materials going onto the same hill, which is then compacted and buried with the regular trash.

    Mentioning this to a liberal neighbor she said she knew it was a scam but still felt she was doing the right thing! Brainwashed.


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