Ahh yes, the muscles in my lower back sure haven’t forgotten.

They gave a quick spasm by me just looking at that picture.

That is just the concrete that I had to haul off from the Great Gate Post Fiasco.

There is still a couple hundred pounds of dirt and rocks sitting on a tarp out in the side yard that has to be dealt with.

But I’m friggin’ done for the day with chores.

The last 3 posts are pretty much what a typical weekend day is for me anymore.

Bullshit by the truck load.

However, I am only going to be sitting down here for a few minutes.

If I don’t get back up and keep moving I will seize up like a two stroke engine running on straight gasoline.

Once that happens I am all done for the day.

A few more Ibuprofen to keep the stiffness at bay and I’m off and running again.

I can hear something whispering my name out in the garage.

4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Yeah, Phil, you do know that after your labour and expense outlayed, that your landlord is entitled to charge you extra rent for those improvements? Bar some clause in your rental agreement that you have in force that may nullify such, it has long been a trap for unwary renters.


    • Which would be about the same time that I sit down and do some math. Fifty bucks an hour labor, vehicle depreciation and mileage, materials and tools used, etc. etc..


      • If you decide to do the ‘Home & Garden’ job yourself, you’ll just have to wear the pain. But if it’s on a never-ending list of painful chores, just point out that you’ll need to visit a massage ‘therapist’ to ease your aching body. Then see if any of those ‘must do’ jobs get scrubbed.


  2. > A few more Ibuprofen to keep the stiffness at bay and I’m off and running again.

    Same issues here – I have found that hot peppers (cayenne is my usual) on dinner / in soup to the point that I sneeze and my nose runs – usually has a bigger positive impact – very high in the former pain relief solution capsicum – a compress does not work for me, I need to ingest it, but often result in serious relief.

    Here is a yuppie “14 reasons” site, but has some merit

    50 years ago every one had a bottle of McIlheny’s Tabasco in their rucksack to try to make the C Rats palatable. I should have kept it on the rotation. They grow & process their own in Louisiana.

    Thanks for the great Blog – I catch it every day – keep the Faith.


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